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Entrepreneurship & Family Firm Institute (EFFI)


The Entrepreneurship & Family Firm Institute (EFFI) is focused on educating the next generation of responsible, entrepreneurially-minded students. As such, we strongly involve students in our activities. EFFI facilitates conversations among students, academics, and entrepreneurs, giving students have the chance to build connections with family entrepreneurs and, at the same time, gain new scientific insights with practical relevance. In doing so, EFFI encourages students to think entrepreneurially and to act responsibly in the future.

EFFI initiated the following student-focused initiatives:

EBS Family Business Club - We organize events, mentoring, thesis collaborations, and company visits. The goal is to bring family business owners and students together.

EBS Case Competition Team - EBS participates in the international Family Enterprise Case Competition and gives students the chance to be coached and supported by EFFI in a case competition.

EFFI’s Thesis - EFFI offers the opportunity to write theses on topics related to family business, entrepreneurship, and new work.

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Room: BV 1.19