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Money should not be the decisive issue

As a privately-owned university the EBS Universität finances itself to a large extent from tuition fees. These serve to guarantee the high quality of teaching and every other feature which distinguishes the study programme at the EBS Universität. However, the decision to study at a private university often depends on funding options. In this respect, the EBS Universität offers a number of options and assistance.

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Your financing options

Scholarship offers from EBS Universität

EBS Alumni student finance

External scholarship offers

Conventional financing offers

Classical financing through banks or savings banks can be a good option to completely or partially finance a study course. For example, with the KfW study loan or the study financing model of the Nassauische Sparkasse.

Education funds or scholarships from external foundations can also help to give financial support. There is a wide variety of very different options as far as benefits and requirements are concerned. Therefore, it is necessary to take a close look at which option would fit your personal situation best.


EBS Universität offers various reductions for EBS students and members of EBS Universität.

Combine your options

It does not always have to be the 100 % full scholarship. There are many different ways of financing a study course and often a combination of different models (scholarship, funds, financing) are both possible and also expedient.

In this respect, take a look at our overview of study financing options and find out which offer is the best for you. Of course, we will also be pleased to advise you and together examine the various options.

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It is worth applying in good time

Please remember that you must not only apply for a scholarship but also, at the same time, for the chosen study place. Scholarships are limited, financing models in the form of education or similar funds have deadlines or require preparation or processing time. It is therefore highly recommended to apply in good time - this ensures clarity for the future and increases chances, also from a financial point of view.

You will find information regarding the programmes and the admissions procedure here:

Please send your complete scholarship application documents to:

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht
Students Office
Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 3
65189 Wiesbaden

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Tips for Student Financing

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