Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Master Thesis

Term: Fall Term / Spring Term
ECTS: 18

Module Owner:
Prof. Ulrich Hommel, Ph.D.

Together with their supervisors, students select a practically relevant topic that ideally represents a real-life decision-making challenge for a company or industry. It can be embedded in a project with a business partner acting as a sounding board and co-mentor, but this is not a requirement. The thesis is therefore a capstone activity with practitioners in mind as a target audience.

The thesis is an exercise of integrated learning that requires students to work across business disciplines in a rigorous manner. It will require excellent project management skills, analytical abilities, and the commitment to independent study. Rigour can be established via the utilization of academic methodologies but this will normally take a back seat to the application to state-of-the-art business analytics appropriate for the chosen topic.

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