Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Managing for Growth

Term: Fall Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Katrin Burmeister-Lamp

In this module, students will learn how companies can grow through corporate entrepreneurship, the development of new products, and the innovation of existing products. The course “Corporate Entrepreneurship” provides students with the fundamental knowledge about entrepreneurship and points out the important role of entrepreneurship in companies in order to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable success. The course contains concepts such as entrepreneurial activity, innovation, venturing, and strategic renewal within existing firms. The Course “Innovation and New Product Development” is highly practical and focused on real-life implementation. This course enables students, future product managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs to think not only about the business side of their idea, but also how the architecture of their product should look like, and hence plan for scalability from an early development stage.

Included in:

Antje Siehl
Programme Director MBA Full-time
+49 611 7102 1759