Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Leading Responsibly

Term: Spring Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Marjo-Riitta Diehl, PhD

In this module, students will learn to critically assess and respond to different managerial and leadership dilemmas and prioritize stakeholder demands and needs. They will be knowledgeable of key theories of human resource management and understand how those can be implemented to managing and leading followers and team members.

The course “HRM in Complex Organizations” introduces the students to the strategic role of HRM in organizations and to the benefits and key functions of human resource management. The perspective taken is that of a manager using HRM theory, knowledge, and models to ensure a motivated and effective workforce in the context of complex organizations.

The course “Ethics and Sustainability” provides students with exercises in identifying ethical problems, and provides them with capabilities to treat these problems. The focus will be on moral problems arising in management contexts. Special attention will be paid to problems relating to sustainable business.

Included in:

Antje Siehl
Programme Director MBA Full-time
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