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Entrepreneurial Finance

Term: Spring Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Ulrich Hommel, PhD

This module is an elective split in to two parts.

Venture Finance aims to encourage managers to think more entrepreneurially about finance, in both start-up and in more mature corporate settings. The scope of this course includes all stages of the venture’s life cycle, from start-up to exit. In so doing, we shall cover the four fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance (screening & valuation, sourcing of capital, financial contracting, management of risk and return incl. exit).

Venture Valuation will give students practical knowledge and tools of how to successfully fund a venture and maximize their value as founders. The course covers standard valuation techniques along the different stages of a venture and gives insights in how deal structures, conflicting interests, practical challenges and the exit can impact the value. The course has a highly practical flavour.

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