Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Distribution Channels and Dealership Management

Term: Spring Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Sven Henkel

You will gain knowledge about the current multidimensional challenges within the distribution and sales systems of the automotive industry, ranging from aspects such as customer-driven sales management to dialogue marketing.

In essence, the module provides managerial insights on multi-channel distribution. A deep understanding of traditional and modern channels with their running systems and organizational structures will be acquired. Moreover, you will learn about the current challenges of vertical marketing systems and the different structures of international distribution systems.

Included in:

Courses within this programme module:

  • Key principles and practices in the automotive industry from an OEM perspective - Matthias Seidl
  • Dealership and Distribution Management - Matthias Seidl
Sebastian Timmer

Research Assistant

Doctoral Candidate

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