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Headergrafik - Programm-Module

Business in Society

Term: Spring Term

Module Owner:
Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer

The module provides students with a sound theoretical and practical understanding of the way in which business depends on, and contributes to, a social and natural environment. Students will analyze and discuss the continuous ethical, environmental and social pressures that businesses operate under.

The aim of the module is to develop an understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability informed by ethical theory and stakeholder theory. Students will comprehensively and critically engage with various aspects of CSR; being socially and environmentally responsible, sustainable, and ethical.

Students will get to know theories, analytical expertise, and ethical tools to develop and implement CSR strategies in practice. The acquisition of this knowledge will be strengthened by applying theories to practical problems.

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Anita Alami
Programme Director Bachelor Programmes
+49 611 7102 1766