Jan Mutl, Ph.D.

Research focus

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Statistics

Curriculum Vitae

Jan Mutl is a Professor of Real Estate Economics and Executive Director of the Real Estate Management Institute at EBS. His main research focus lies in the fields of applied and theoretical Econometrics. Jan Mutl holds a BSc degree in Mathematics from the Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic as well as a MSc in Economics from the Central European University. He finished his education with a PhD in Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. Jan Mutl builds on several years of experience in teaching and research. He has been lecturing at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Université d‘Orléans, the IHS Vienna, State University of New York, Albany, as well as the University of Maryland. At the same time, his work has been published in internationally acknowledged journals, such as „The Econometrics Journal“ and he is a reviewer for many international academic journals such as the „Journal of Econometrics“, or the „International Economic Review“.


  • KIRCHHAIN, H., MUTL, J., ZIETZ, J. (2021). Spillover effects of company news across real estate markets and causal impact analysis. Journal of Housing Economics, 54, 101785. doi:10.1016/j.jhe.2021.101785.
  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H., ZIETZ, J. (2020). The Impact of Exogenous Shocks on House Prices: the Case of the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 60, 587-610. doi:10.1007/s11146-019-09700-4.
  • MUTL, J., SEYLER, N. (2019). Going beyond buildings: mindfulness and real estate user behavior. Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 21 (3), 194-211.
  • MUTL, J., SÖGNER, L. (2017). Parameter estimation and inference with spatial lags and cointegration. Econometric Reviews, 1-39. doi:10.1080/07474938.2017.1382803.
  • LE GALLO, J., MUTL, J. (2015). Autocorrélation spatiale des erreurs et erreurs de mesure: quelles interactions?, Région et Développement, no. 40. Région et Développement, 214 (40), 37-52.
  • DIPPOLD, T., MUTL, J., ZIETZ, J. (2014). Opting for a Green Certificate: The Impact of Local Attitudes and Economic Conditions. Journal of Real Estate Research, 36 (4), 435-474.
  • MUTL, J., PFAFFERMAYR, M. (2011). The Hausman Test in a Cliff and Ord Panel Model.. Econometrics Journal, 14 (1), 48-76.
  • MUTL, J., PFAFFERMAYR, M. (2010). A Note on the Cliff and Ord Test for Spatial Correlation in Panel Models. Economics Letters, 108 (2), 225-228.

  • MUTL, J., SCHOCK, F., TÄUBE, F., FLOTOW, P. V. (2016). VC finance & market growth-Interdependence of technology-push & market-pull investment in US solar. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 2016, No.1.

  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H., ZIETZ, J. (2019). Using Geography for Creating Synthetic Controls: A Robust Permutation Test with an Application to Real Estate Markets. AREUEA International Conference.
  • KIRCHHAIN, H., MUTL, J. (2019). Urban growth and Real Estate. Determining Price Effects of Land Supply Elasticity using Remote Sensing. AREUEA International Conference.
  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H. (2017). Die Zukunft des deutschen Wohnimmobilienmarktes: Immigration vs. Demographie. 25. Sprengnetter Jahreskongress Immobilienbewertung.
  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H. (2016). Der Einfluss der Flüchtlingskrise auf die größten deutschen Immobilienmärkte. HypZert GmbH.

  • MUTL, J. (2017). High Street Retail City Ranking.
  • MUTL, J., RUSSO, P., HÜGEL, S. (2016). Innovationsbarometer der Immobilienwirtschaft 2016. Retrieved from
  • MUTL, J., HÜGEL, S., LUKOWSKI, J. H., POLSAK, A. (2016). Fortschritt der Digitalen Transformation in Unternehmen der Immobilienwirtschaft. Ein Vergleich der “Digital Readiness” von Professionals, Studenten und Unternehmen. Retrieved from
  • MUTL, J. (2016). Value at Risk under Correlation among Assets: An Application to the Residential and Office Real Estate Markets.

  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H. (2015). Der Einfluss der Flüchtlingskrise auf die größten deutschen Immobilienmärkte (7). EBS Diskussionspapiere zur Immobilienwirtschaft.

  • DIEPPE, A., MUTL, J. (2013). Invernational R&D Spillovers: Technology Transfer vs. R&D Synergies.. ECB Working Papers, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  • MUTL, J. (2004). Capturing Technological Change in an IO Model with Application to Calculation of Embodied Carbon Emissions. In L.M. Cloutier & C. Debresson (Ed.), Changement Climatique, Flux Technologiques, Financiers et Commerciaux (pp. 231-248). Quebec University Press.

  • MUTL, J., KIRCHHAIN, H. (2016). Sind die Immobilienmärkte aus dem Gleichgewicht? – Blasenbildung und Erschwinglichkeit.


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