The EBS Career Services Center helps to recruit young talent for companies

Recruiting at EBS Universität

Young talents for your company

Do you want to get to know the students at EBS Universität? Does your company work on topics that can be covered as part of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? Take a look at our different event formats.

Our demand

The Career Services Center at EBS Universität aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of partner companies in the successful selection of qualified and suitable applicants through professional relationship management and a comprehensive range of measures.

To do justice to the long-term strategic orientation, the Career Services Center concludes cooperation agreements with suitable companies covering as many aspects of the Four-Phase Model (see below) as possible. These companies will thereby be able to present themselves to EBS Universität students as attractive employers at an early stage and on an ongoing basis.

Graphic of the "Self-Directed Journey"

Our offer

The Career Services Center supports companies in obtaining and evaluating the information on the needs of students at EBS Universität and their requirements for potential employers. The Career Services Center also helps to identify students who meet the expectations of companies in terms of characteristics such as competence, commitment, work performance, etc.

On the one hand, the Career Services Center also organises and coordinates measures that help students and companies to get to know each other better. Companies have the opportunity to credibly communicate career advantages in direct comparison with competitors to create a positive corporate image. On the other hand, the Career Services Center offers platforms for the placement of internships, trainee programmes, contracts for work and labour, theses and jobs.

The offer for companies includes:

  • Company presentation
    Companies are allowed to present themselves as employers to a larger group of students and provide information about the company and its career opportunities. Alternatively, a presentation can address particular students in a targeted manner and provide a more intensive exchange of ideas.

  • Company workshop
    Company workshops include the solution of practical problems, e. g. case studies by students. This communication measure enables both sides to get to know each other more intensively and check whether the mutual goals and requirements match.

  • Career fair
    At career fairs, employers present themselves with a stand on EBS Universität campus, inform about career-relevant topics in subject- or topic-specific lectures and conduct pre-selected job interviews.

  • Job portal
    Companies can publish targeted job offers in the EBS Career Compass, the online career platform of the Career Services Center.

  • Go to the EBS Career Compass

Your benefit

Companies that qualify for a partnership with the Career Services Center benefit from the following advantages:

  • Joint development and documentation of relevant matching criteria
  • Pre-selection of participants by the Career Services Center by the partner’s requirements
  • Priority in the processing of requests for joint actions or special assistance in their implementation
  • Better conditions for the performance of measures
  • Comprehensive feedback on measures implemented
  • Special event formats, e. g. recruiting days
  • Company logo on the Career Services Center website
  • Special labelling in all communication channels of the Career Services Center

As a result, corporate partners can expect their recruiting measures to be more effective. The following key factors reflect this, among others:

  • Higher number of qualified applications or recruitments via EBS Universität
  • Lower costs per application or employment via EBS Universität
  • Higher candidate satisfaction

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