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Do you want to get to know the students at EBS Universität? Does your company work on topics that can be covered as part of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? Take a look at our different event formats. With a click on the respective format the corresponding registration form opens. Please fill it out and send it to csc@ebs.edu.

  • EBS Smart Fair

  • Recruiting @ EBS Universität

  • International Career Fair @ EBS Universität
    As the world becomes increasingly networked, employers have access to a qualified talent pool, not only nationally, but also internationally. The aim of this event is to meet our international high potentials from all over the world. Benefit from the multinational expertise of our students and their ability to combine different market knowledge and experience. For example, many of our international students combine an engineering background with an Master in Business Administration. During the fair you will get to know our Bachelor, Master, MBA students as well as our Alumni.

  • Interview Day @ EBS Universität
    Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to interview students who have already applied for the interview and meet your requirements.

  • Company Presentation @ EBS Universität
    Your company will be represented in a presentation and invites our students to get to know your company and its employees first hand.

  • Workshop @ EBS Universität
    Your company conducts a workshop for a selected number of students who have already registered for this workshop. Whether it is a case study or a general education workshop, we invite you to challenge our bright-minded students. The limited group size is ideal for in-depth workshops.

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