Campus Atrium of EBS Law School at the campus in Wiesbaden

The Subject Areas of EBS Law School

EBS Universität founded EBS Law School in 2010 with a business law focus. The declared aim was to find answers to the urgent challenges of law in an ever more changing environment and with special consideration of globalisation. This concern has not only remained as relevant as ever but has gained in importance ever since. The focus on commercial law reflects the research priorities of the faculty members. Their interests include fundamental subjects and the intersection of state, economy and consumers. The research profile developed by the faculty takes into account above all tasks in science and practice mastered in the medium to long term. Therefore, the focus lies in the areas of digitisation, financial market regulation and sound corporate governance. Their international relevance characterises the majority of the issues examined in this context.

The necessary exchange with colleagues at foreign universities is made possible by a comprehensive network of partner faculties. Besides, we carry out some of the research activities in cooperation with international associations, such as the Law Schools Global League. Another feature of the research profile is the interdisciplinary links with business administration. The basis for this is above all the cooperation with EBS Business School. Notwithstanding the methodologically consistent academic orientation, research activities at EBS Law School also reflect the perspectives of practice in many cases. To this end, faculty members are not only represented on advisory boards of governmental and non-governmental organisations and the judiciary. Still, they are also in regular contact with companies and associations.

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