Headergrafik - Business School

Social Business

Research Fields

In the research field Social Business we explore questions related to Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation.

Involved researchers: Karin Kreutzer // Elisabeth Niendorf // Franziska Schwarzer

We study organizations creating social or environmental impact in an entrepreneurial way.

In particular, we focus on three research areas:

Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship

  • Typology of Social Business Models
  • Social Identity Formation Processes in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sector Change: How do for-profit managers handle change to the social sector?

Cross-Sector Social Partnerships

  • Legitimacy of cross-sector social partnerships, the example of “Disaster Response Teams” of Deutsche Post / DHL and UN OCHA
  • Dynamics of multiple institutional logics, the case of refugee integration in Germany

Management of Nonprofit Organizations

  • Governance of nonprofit organisations
  • Coordination of volunteers
  • Organizational identity
  • Professionalization