Headergrafik - Business School


Research Fields

Professors and Institutes of the Department Management & Economics cover a broad field of topics with their research activities. Amongst them are:

Corporate Incubation

Involved researchers: Prof. Dr. Christian Landau

Research topics: disruptive innovation, collaborations between start-ups and established companies

Examples of research questions:

  • What can we learn from companies, who have successfully implemented corporate incubation programs?
  • What could be potential growth drivers?
  • What are the crucial organizational and process-related aspects in corporate incubation programs?

Crowd-sourced Innovation

Involved researchers: Prof. Dr. Christian Landau

Research topics: participation decisions, contribution quality, contest design, individual level creativity drivers

Examples of research questions:

  • Why do individuals participate voluntarily in innovation contests?
  • Which types of individuals contribute the most creative ideas to innovation contests?
  • How do innovations contests have to be organized?

Internationalization of German Mittelstand Firms

Involved researchers: Prof. Dr. Christian Landau, Prof. Amit Karna, PhD, Prof. Klaus Uhlenbruck, PhD

Research topics: Mittelstand firm characteristics, institutional theory, internationalization, home country institutions

Examples of research questions:

  • How do national institutions support or hinder firms from internationalizing?
  • How do firms utilize support institutions?
  • When do internationalization projects succeed or fail?

Strategic configurations

Research topics: business models, strategic groups, competitive strategies

Involved researchers: Prof. Dr. Christian Landau

Examples of research questions:

  • Do firms follow certain strategic configurations?
  • Which strategic configurations are more successful than others?
  • How can firms create innovative strategic configurations?


Involved researchers: Prof. Dr. Julia Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Christian Landau, Prof. Klaus Uhlenbruck, PhD

Research topics: environmental preservation, sustainable supply chain management, sustainable operations, green logistics, natural resource-based view of the firm, stakeholder theory, institutional theory

Examples of research questions:

  • Why do firms engage in environmental protection?
  • How do firms organize and manage the transfer of stakeholder expectations across value chains?
  • How does attention to environmental and social issues affect performance?

Organizational Behavior and HRM

Involved researchers: Prof. Marjo-Riitta Diehl, PhD

Research topics: organizational justice, necessary evils, leadership development , psychological contracts

Examples of research questions:

  • How do third parties, especially managers, experience organizational justice and how do they come to arrive at judgments about organizational justice? How do third parties react to organizational justice?
  • How does context influence employees’ organizational justice perceptions and reactions to organizational justice?
  • How do justice perceptions evolve over time?
  • What is the role of organizational justice and necessary evils (the unavoidable necessity to at times implement decisions that may be perceived unfair by others) in the development of leadership capabilities and leadership identity?
  • How do employee develop psychological contracts and with whom?
  • How do psychological contracts influence employee ethical behavior at work?