Headergrafik - Business School



Research Fields

Involved researchers: Clemens Buchen // Michael Hüther // Jenny Kragl // Katharina Reinhard // Jan-Christoph Rülke // Benjamin Bental // Elena Jarocinska // André Schmidt

Members of the department are active in the following economics research areas:

Personnel Economics

  • Optimal wage schedules and incentive systems
  • Human resource management
  • Coordination and motivation in firms and organizations
  • Job design in firms and organizations

Organizational Economics

  • Optimal organization of firms, incentive systems, and economic transactions
  • Determinants of in- and outsourcing decisions and the boundaries of the firm
  • Agency problems, transaction costs, and the assignment of property rights
  • Job design and task assignments

Behavioral Economics

  • Economic decision making processes of individuals and institutions
  • Challenging the traditional ‘homo oeconomicus’
  • Social utility and other-regarding preferences

Experimental Economics

  • Individual decision-making and behaviour in the lab and the field

Contract Theory

  • Agency problems, optimal contracts, and mechanism design
  • Adverse selection and moral hazard problems
  • Behavioral contract theory

Evolutionary Game Theory

  • Evolutionary stability of equilibria
  • Decision-making and strategy in case of limited access to information

Comparative Institutional Analysis

  • Determinants of institutional divergence across countries
  • Institutional explanations of structural differences across countries

Economic Policy

  • Economics of R&D
  • Demography
  • Economics of education


  • Monetary economics
  • Economic growth
  • International Economic Relations
  • European Financial Crisis
  • Exchange Rates and Financial Markets
  • Fiscal Policy

Law & Economics

  • Economics of liability: interaction between civil liability and social norms
  • Economics of consumer law and competition law: class actions
  • Economics of legal harmonization: convergence between legal systems with an application to the European Union
  • Economics of conflicts resolution: arbitration, mediation, financing of civil actions
  • Experimental law and economics