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Business ethics addresses the fundamental conflict between corporate success and the morals of a company and helps to overcome this conflict by promoting socially and ecologically oriented activities. The focus is on values and behaviors that significantly strengthen the company’s corporate value and innovative strength. To convey these to the EBS community and its students, we have been organizing service learning programs at EBS University since 2010. We build, maintain and extend a robust and strong partner network with local organizations for common projects that address the immediate local social, environmental and economic problems in the context of the Sustainable Global Development Goals.


We put our partners and their concerns first. They act as co-educators for our students as well as agents for continuous improvement to advance the common good. Our program is dedicated to fully integrate the students into these organizations and to make them understand the lifeworld and situation of the clients they serve. Together with our partners they should develop some interdisciplinary solution for a specific concern of the NGO. Our approach is project-based and problem-orientated. We encourage collaborative and co-operative learning, where students learn from clients and partners and vice versa. Skills such as thinking skills, communication skills, learning to learn and collaboration are trained.

Dr. Marcus Kreikebaum

Lecturer of ethics and service learning

About us

We want to enable our stakeholders to get related to each other respectfully in order to campaign for more equitably, equal opportunities and a sustainable future by means of long-term projects. We educate our students to become socially, culturally and politically committed entrepreneurs by teaching them the attitude and capabilities to serve the general interest and to lead and act accordingly.

We offer our students practical training in ethics (Service Learning) which develops their cognitive, linguistic, social and intercultural competencies in many dimensions. This includes both Community Service Learning (Do it!) and professional Service Learning (individual/Educare projects.

  • Socio-Cultural Impact/Service Learning
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • Goldene Lilie – awarding companies for their social commitment
  • Business Ethics Roundtable
  • Charitable Do it!- and Educare projects
  • Tables and food pantries within Do it!-Service-Learning
  • Events




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The Team


Marcus Kreikebaum

Lecturer of ethics and service learning

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