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Excellent Business Research

In line with its mission, EBS Business School is dedicated to excellence in academic research, which it enables by providing strategic, institutional support to finance research. The strategic aim of EBS Business School is to produce research that is both rigorous and relevant. Rigorousness enables exchanges with the international research community. In addition EBS Universität is known for its strong practice link and the relevance of its research questions and the addressed phenomena. This extension starts with translating insights from one field to the other (research to practice or vice versa), as both sides use different “languages” and goes beyond mere translation by providing a place or platform for exchanging ideas on our guiding theme of dealing with uncertainty. EBS Universität focuses on creating insights and knowledge to help organisations respond to challenges in times of uncertainty and to proactively embrace the changes they and their network partners experience. EBS Universität wants to have an impact on its corporate partners. The insights created in its conversations and discussions with practitioners and other stakeholders from politics, as well as the local community, international academic partners, and students, are fed back into the research questions it addresses. EBS Universität builds on the complementarities and the resulting fruitful virtuous circle.

Research projects

1 October 2018 - 31 October 2018
Elena Freisinger, Christoph Schneider, Pascal Vermehren
29 March 2018 - 31 October 2018
Ronald Gleich, Jan Christoph Munck, Deborah Nasca, Andreas Wald