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Chair of Financial Econometrics & Asset Management

Sandra Paterlini

The Chair is part of the Department of Finance and Accounting. The focus of our research and teaching activities are in statistics and data analysis, econometrics and quantitative modelling in finance. Special focus is on the development of asset allocation and risk management models as well as network analysis. Since 2015, the Chair is also member of the management committee of the European funded ICT COST Action IC1408 on “Computationally-intensive methods for the robust analysis of non-standard data (CRoNoS)” with more than 40 European partners. These pages contain information on our team and our teaching and research activities.


  • Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Asset Management & Risk Management
  • Network Analysis
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Illiquid assets have moved into the focus of investors. In cooperation with Prime Capital AG the Chair of Financial Econometrics and Asset Management has set up conference on these special assets.


Prof. Sandra Paterlini was invited to speak at CRoNoS


On behalf of FACT, Prof. Sandra Paterlini, Chair of Financial Econometrics and Asset Management invited to the guest lecture held by Vincent Weber, Head of Research of Prime Capital AG


Invitation to the 9th International Conference and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2015), 12-14 December 2015, London.


Prof. Sandra Paterlini invited as Gast Speaker at the Center for Financial Studies (CFS), Goethe Universität Frankfurt


Vincent Weber, Head of Prime Capital AG invited as Guest speaker: “Systematic Investment”


Prof. Sandra Paterlini invited Eike Brechmann to a guest lecture

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