Headergrafik - Business School

Chair of Corporate Finance & Higher Education Finance

Max Mustermann

The Chair is part of the Department of Finance, Accounting and Real Estate. Our research and teaching activities focus on two general areas, corporate finance and higher education financing & management. Within finance, we are particularly interested in the funding of privately held companies using venture capital & private equity as well as SME/family business financing. Within higher education, we focus especially on restructuring, reputation management and entrepreneurialism.

The overarching theme for all our activities is the management of risk. We have done considerable work in the past on corporate risk management and are currently particularly interested in novel themes such as anti-fragility, resilience and organizational flexibility.


  • Risk Management

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity

  • Financing of Privately Held Companies (SMEs, Family Businesses)

  • Higher Education Financing and Restructuring


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