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EBS Impact Institute

The world is facing growing social and environmental challenges. The Impact Institute will bundle our resources in research, teaching and consulting at EBS to better understand how businesses can have a positive impact on the lives of individuals.

EBS Impact stands for business activities that generate beneficial outcomes – a positive social impact – for individuals, organizations, and communities. The Institute develops academic education in business administration and entrepreneurship that embraces social impact and advances academic knowledge of how individuals and organizations can create such a positive impact with their business activities. The Institute specifically focuses on Service Learning, Social Business, Organizational Justice and Mindfulness at Work.

Impressions of the Kick-Off-Event, November 7th 2018


The EBS Impact Institute aims to become the preferred partner in the generation of social impact on the individual, organizational and community level in Germany. Our core activities to reach this goal can be divided into three main pillars: Teaching, Research and Business Practice.

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