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Center for Business Ethics (ZFU)

The Center for Business Ethics was founded by Prof. Dr Hartmut Kreikebaum (1934 - 2016) and is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Business Ethics addresses the fundamental conflict between corporate success and the morale behind the business and contributes to conflict resolution by promoting socially and ecologically oriented activities. It focuses on values and behaviours that significantly strengthen the shareholder value and innovative strength.

About us

We want to enable our stakeholders to get related to each other respectfully in order to campaign for more equitably, equal opportunities and a sustainable future by means of long-term projects. We educate our students to become socially, culturally and politically committed entrepreneurs by teaching them the attitude and capabilities to serve the general interest and to lead and act accordingly.

Field of activity

Focus areas

We offer our students practical training in ethics (Service Learning) which develops their cognitive, linguistic, social and intercultural competencies in many dimensions. This includes both Community Service Learning (Do it!) and professional Service Learning (individual/Educare projects.

  • Socio-Cultural Impact/Service Learning
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • Goldene Lilie – awarding companies for their social commitment
  • Business Ethics Roundtable
  • Charitable Do it!- and Educare projects
  • Tables and food pantries within Do it!-Service-Learning
  • Events

Current projects

Enable Digital
In this project, younger generations offer digital workshops for older generations to ensure they too understand digitisation as a great opportunity.

Social Return of Investment Analyses of Refugee related activities of Communities
This Rheingau community engaging project captures and increases social added value through activities in the field of integration.


Head of Institute

Marcus Kreikebaum
Dr. Marcus Kreikebaum

Lecturer of Ethics and Service Learning

Executive Director of the Center for Business Ethics

Max Mustermann
Prof. Dr. Richard Raatzsch

Professor of Practical Philosophy

Director of the Institute of Business Ethics

Max Urchs
Prof. em. Dr. Max Urchs

Professor of Philosophy of Science (Emeritus)

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