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The famous management guru Peter F. Drucker claimed, that making money is not an essential target of a company, but finding a customer. The willingness of a customer paying for a product or a service, “converts economic resources into prosperity”. Therefore companies should meet two central functions: marketing and innovation.

Marketing takes therefore a key-position in companies and it focuses companies on the wishes and needs of customers and links those to central strength of the company. The target is a more specific understanding of wishes and needs of customers to reach a better matching than the competitors do. The result is a satisfied customer with a greater willingness to pay for a product.

The Marketing Department will push impulses to the marketing – both in research, education and executive education. We invite all prospects who are interested in innovative strategy, techniques, instruments and methods of active marketing design.

We act on a solid theoretical base with a practice oriented focus, to provide innovative solutions for challenges in the marketing industry of today and tomorrow.

We want to:

  • Draw a clear picture of Marketing in our customers mind
  • Set the standard in Marketing
  • Break new ground
  • Profit of a big and varied team
  • Create surplus value by a dense network

We offer a wide spectrum of research, education and executive education to all prospects – whether students, managers or other target groups. The department includes five senior professors, two adjunct professors and three honorary professors with more than 40 employees working on different topics in marketing.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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