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Economics & Philosophy

The Economics & Philosophy group covers a wide range of research and teaching topics. The fields cover practical philosophy, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. With their theoretical, applied, and empirical research, the group members actively contribute to the academic discourse in their respective fields. In addition to joint internal projects, our experts engage in interdisciplinary collaborations across and beyond EBS Business School. With their expertise, our professors and lecturers contribute to the various degree and non-degree programmes of EBS Business School by delivering basic and advanced courses in the fields of ethics, philosophy, and economics. They also advise students on their theses and are actively involved in the academic self-administration of EBS Business School and the university.

Focus areas

The group’s experts are active in the following research areas:

Practical Philosophy

  • Ethics
  • Ordinary Language Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy


  • International Economics
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Economic Growth
  • European Financial Crisis
  • Exchange Rates and International Finance

Applied Economics

  • Managerial Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Pension Economics
  • Political Economics
  • Law & Economics

Personnel Economics

  • Economics of Human Resource Management
  • Incentive Theory and Incentive Design
  • Multitasking, Performance Measurement, and Job Design
  • Incentives and CEO Appointment in Family Firms

Organisational Economics

  • Organisation of Firms and Economic Transactions
  • Incentive Systems within and between Firms
  • Job Design and Optimal Task Assignments

Behavioural Economics

  • Behavioural Contract Theory
  • Fairness, Relative Income Concerns, and Other-Regarding Preferences in Organizations
  • Income Inequality, Incentives, and Other-Regarding Preferences in Society

Economic Policy

  • Economics of R&D
  • Competition Policy
  • Social Policy


Office Management

Anne Gorius
Anne Gorius

Office Coordinator


Jenny Kragl
Prof. Dr. Jenny Kragl

Professor of Economics, esp. Microeconomics

Academic Director of the Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc) Programme

Richard Raatzsch
Prof. Dr. Richard Raatzsch

Professor of Practical Philosophy

Director of the Institute of Business Ethics

Jan Christoph Ruelke
Prof. Dr. Jan-Christoph Rülke

Professor of Economics, esp. Macroeconomics

Group Speaker Economics & Philosophy

Emanuel V. Towfigh
Prof. Dr. iur. Emanuel V. Towfigh

Holder of the Chair in Public Law, Empirical Legal Research and Law & Economics

Professor for Law & Economics at EBS Business School

Director BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law

Junior Professors

Simon Dato Foto
Prof. Dr. Simon Dato

Assistant Professor of Microeconomics

Pantelis Karapanagiotis Foto
Pantelis Karapanagiotis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Microeconomics

Adjunct and Honorary Professors

Benjamin Bental
Prof. Benjamin Bental, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Macroeconomics

Professor of Economics, University of Haifa (Emeritus)

Michael Hüther
Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther

Honorary Professor of Political Economy

Director of the German Economic Institute, Cologne

André Schmidt
Prof. Dr. André Schmidt

Adjunct Professor of Economics

Professor of Macroeconomics and International Economics at University of Witten/Herdecke, Witten

Emeritus Professors

Max Urchs
Prof. (emerit.) Dr. Max Urchs

Professor of Philosophy of Science (Emeritus)

Internal Lecturers

Marcus Kreikebaum
Dr. Marcus Kreikebaum

Lecturer of Ethics and Service Learning

Executive Director of the Center for Business Ethics

Research Assistants

Alina Azanbayev
Alina Azanbayev

Research Assistant Economics

Peymaneh Safaynikoo
Peymaneh Safaynikoo

Research Assistant Economics

Pratibha Singh
Pratibha Singh

Research Assistant of Ethics and Service Learning

Jenny Kragl

Professor of Economics, esp. Microeconomics

Academic Director of the Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc) Programme

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