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Executive Education

As a leading provider of management education EBS has been a strong brand for decades and stands for top quality programmes delivered by high caliber faculty. Through the unique combination of teaching and research, academic excellence as well as high practical relevance, EBS Executive Education is a guarantee for first-class continuing education programmes at the highest level for executives and managers.

Customized Programmes

By looking at numerous executive education activities it is recommendable to develop and conduct company-specific programmes that are exclusively designed according to the needs of your firm and your executives. By developing these programmes we focus to a very high extent on knowledge that can be applied by the participants in their work places. Therefore, we design all our corporate programmes in close cooperation with our customers, taking into account their needs and in many cases including real cases of their corporate context. In this way, we make sure that our offering exactly corresponds with the expectation of our customers.

EBS Executive Education programmes range from multi-day seminars to management trainings encompassing several months in total. Besides this, we integrate the needs for digital learning in a flexible way. Upon demand executives participating in our customized programmes can be granted an EBS University Certificate upon successful completion of the programme.

Corporate programmes of EBS Executive Education focus on industry-specific, functional, and personality-oriented topics in companies. With our programmes we foster a diverse set of competencies: Entrepreneurial Excellence, Management Excellence und Responsibility Excellence.

In cooperation with the EBS institutes, the faculty of the Business School and the Law School as well as with other distinguished external lecturers from the corporate world EBS Executive Education supports your company by developing and conducting educational programmes relevant for fostering the various competencies of your teams and executives. Upon request, we also develop for your company solutions that reach beyond executive education, and encompass preparatory and post-programme activities. For instance, you can achieve support from us by implementing process and structural changes in connection with the educational format.

By conducting our executive programmes, the EBS Institutes cover the following fields of competencies:

In case you are interested in these or other topics for an executive education format, we will be glad to provide advice and design a company-specific programme, also by combining different topics.

Open Programs/ Certificate Programs

Besides the company-specific executive education formats we offer a broad range of open programmes. The majority of these programmes are certificate programmes and provide the achievement of an EBS University Certificate. By participating in them, experts and other executives acquire know-how on general management and industry-specific management solutions as well as special functional knowledge. By this, participants have the chance to enrich their knowledge while continuing in their jobs and preparing themselves for the future career development.

Below you find a list of our programme portfolio (please click). Currently, all of our programmes are conducted in German language. However, we will be glad if you indicate to us your interest in an English-language programme.


Controlling, Innovation Management and Security Management

General Management, Marketing, Sales

Health Care Management


Private Finance and Wealth Management

Real Estate Management

Negotiation Management

Commercial and Business Mediation

If you are interested in certificate programs in the fields of Real Estate Management and Wealth Management in order to use the earned credits for the modularized Master in Business study program David Windsor will be glad to provide advice on these programmes:

Master in Business

MBA / Executive MBA

We would like to support you by choosing the appropriate educational format and to recommend an individual learning solution without interrupting your professional career.

We are looking forward to your request!

About EBS Executive Education

Continually developing your skills and knowledge will ensure you stay ahead of the rest and succeed in keeping up with future challenges. EBS Executive Education aims at being a partner for companies, their teams and individual executives for their development and thus, supporting them in fulfilling their management tasks and successfully meeting the challenges of the global dynamics and economic relationships. In order to reach this goal, EBS Executive Education offers a broad range of company-specific and open executive education programmes. The programmes are delivered in cooperation with the EBS institutes, the faculty members of the Business School and the Law School as well as various experienced lecturers from the corporate world. Recently, our diverse experiences and our high quality standards were confirmed by the global Financial Times Ranking 2016 which ranked the EBS Executive Education among the top providers in Germany. Executive education is an integral part of the university’s overall strategy. EBS will strive for progressively covering the executive development needs of individuals and companies at a broader level according to their specific needs. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for personal and professional development as well as the basis for sustainable success. Whatever you seek to achieve in your career, take advantage of the top-class executive education offered by EBS.

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