Campus Atrium of EBS Law School at the campus in Wiesbaden

Welcome to EBS Law School

The banking sector, industry organizations, (international) law firms, public authorities and government ministries are in urgent need of legal professionals with an excellent business education. At the same time the increasing complexity of global markets presents a growing challenge for future lawyers and legal professionals. This in turn means that legal studies programmes must cater to new demands. The EBS Law School curriculum will meet these changing needs. Through the unique combination of legal and business studies the curriculum at EBS Law School meets these challenging requirements. New in 2019 is the Master Programme Master of Laws in Global Business Law (LL.M.).

We are a Law School that

  • Offers you a unique combination of law and economics
  • Enables you to graduate with three degrees in less than five years
  • Offers an ideal starting platform for a further legal education: legal traineeship with the second state examination, Master of Laws (LL.M.), doctorate
  • Considers teaching excellent legal skills and your professional success to be the highest priority
  • Can draw on an excellent network of alumni, research and business partners
  • Does not treat you as a number but encourages you to develop your individual potential
  • Considers the development of your personality just as important as your studies
  • Teaches you skills and competence to make the right decisions in an uncertain and volatile business environment
  • Is part of a ** University** and works closely together with a business school
  • Whose campus life is characterised by close personal contact to others

Accreditations and Memberships


As an EBS legal professional with an excellent education combining business and law, you are well-equipped to meet the challenges tomorrow will bring. This is why, as partners of EBS Law School, we are investing in your future: Whether by offering internships, workshops or direct contact to our lawyers - during your studies, we provide you with valuable insights into the challenges of working for a leading global law firm. Keep your curiosity alive.

Eva Reudelhuber
Dr. Eva Reudelhuber
Lawyer and Partner, Gleiss Lutz