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Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics student of EBS Universitaet
The world needs more specialized generalists. EBS University develops them. Learn to change the world here. With the Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics, you gain the tools to make a difference in the world.
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  • 6 semester
  • 180 ECTS
  • 7,340 € / semester
  • Full-time
  • Fall Term
  • English
  • incl. stay abroad
  • Fall Term to 26.08.2024
  • Campus Rheingau
Our pledge

You can only have vision when you are at the top

You don’t have vision in the free economy if you put on blinkers. Now and in the future, well-educated generalists will be pioneers. Personalities who shine in many disciplines and easily combine them. With a distinctive international and interdisciplinary approach, EBS University trains the leaders of the future.


This is where the world studies for a better world.
EBS is international: people from all over the world meet here to learn to become leaders. In the curriculum itself, as well as through the services of the Coaching & Leadership Hub, we demand and promote openness, thinking outside the box, flexibility and the ability to assert yourself successfully in ever-changing situations.

Better teaching programmes produce people with greater vision.
The degree programme offers a unique mix of subjects. It integrates internationality and interdisciplinarity and thus prepares students for the challenges of the future. EBS maintains partnerships with 90 universities worldwide and a semester abroad is integrated into your studies.

Business administration and law are part of our DNA.
Privately founded as a university of economics in 1971, it has set itself the task of improving the business world, and does so with exceptional levels of commitment and character. The Law School was added in 2011. Born of the same spirit, today, outstanding professors who are passionate about their profession pass on their knowledge, which is why there, too, the students achieve excellent exam results. The combination of the two subject areas forms the best basis for teaching this interdisciplinary course.

Family and friends.
More than 200 partner law firms and companies support EBS students on their journey: the group of affiliated partners includes large international law firms, small to medium-sized companies, major international corporations, and well-known DAX-listed companies. Many of our former students started their careers at one of our numerous business partners immediately after graduation.


Sina Bräck

Student Recruitment Manager

Günther H. Oettinger, president of EBS Universität and former EU commissioner
Our goal for the new Law, Politics & Economics programme is to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. This includes excellence in a core subject, but also the ability to approach the tasks of the future as a generalist.

The world is waiting for you

The transformation to a knowledge-based society and advancing digitization have created huge demand for interdisciplinary and internationally oriented specialists and managers.


Added to this is the demographic change in Western society, which dramatically improves the opportunities for highly qualified staff on the labour market in the medium term.

Once you complete your Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics, the world is your oyster. With our partners from business and industry as well as the strong alumni network, you have optimal career prospects: whether it is in management, strategic leadership, research or in the public communications of companies, associations, political and social institutions, non-profit organisations or think tanks. Starting a business is also an option that is open to you after graduation.


Made by EBS

We successfully achieve our goal of imparting knowledge and values. This is proven by a network of more than 10,000 alumni who work in top positions. EBS Alumni e.V. is always there to support you during and after your studies. You see - we are a very big family.

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Successful alumna of EBS Universitaet
Study programme structure

Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics (B.A.)

The programme comprises three years of study and is divided into law, political science and business administration. Each subject area is not only taught separately, but also interdisciplinarily. You start your studies with an intensive introduction to the disciplines of law, political science and economics. In the second year, you will focus on expanding your personal and professional skills. In the third year, you will spend a semester at one of our 200 partner universities abroad (learn more in the video). During the summer months, internships (8 weeks in total) are scheduled, optionally also abroad. To prepare for the semester abroad, we offer language courses (incl. country and culture). The programme ends with the Bachelor's thesis.

Study content

This is what you learn during your study programme

The Law, Politics, and Economics programme combines subjects from three disciplines and combines them with an international orientation. The combination of these perspectives enables graduates to take on leadership tasks and social responsibility in a highly dynamic environment. We enable them to independently penetrate complex structures and to think in new ways, as well as to permanently review and specifically further develop acquired specialist knowledge.

  • Methodical expertise in law, politics and economics
  • Principles of international law and international relationships
  • European law and European studies
  • Principles of civil and criminal law
  • Introduction to economics
  • Digital economy
  • Developments in law, politics and economics
  • Security policy
  • Human rights
  • Corporate social leadership
  • Management of international organisations


  • Data protection and regulating AI
  • Platform economy
  • Regulation of social media




  • Environmental law
  • Climate justice
  • Degrowth economy

Inhalte und Highlights

The Bachelor briefly explained

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Foundation of EBS University

> 60 %

Pass-with-distinction ratio in Law


active Alumni


Studying with distinction

Characteristics and skills

Your profile

Studying at EBS University requires a lot: the will to work on yourself, discipline, empathy, openness, curiosity, a sense of responsibility, and courage. Many different characters come together to challenge and inspire each other. That’s why we are always looking for people who are willing to make the best of themselves. To make the most of our future.

If you possess the following characteristics and abilities, nothing stands in the way of you successfully completing the bachelor’s degree:

  • Soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and negotiation skills
  • A sense of responsibility and the courage to solve problems creatively
  • Very good English, because that is the language in which our courses are taught

Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics student of EBS Universitaet
Selection process

Admission requirements and application

The study programme at EBS University trains leaders who shape and drive business, politics and society. This process begins by finding the right people for our Law, Politics and Economics programme.

Would you like to study at EBS Universität? Start your application by submitting the following documents on our online platform:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Proof of general higher education entrance qualification. An application can also be submitted with your current transcripts if the school-leaving certificate is not yet available.
    International applicants who have a secondary school diploma that does not follow the German higher education standards need to complete a 120-minute EBS online assessment instead of the regular tests. If you have taken the SAT, ACT or Gaokao, we will recognise this exam in conjunction with your secondary school diploma instead of the EBS online assessment.

EBS does not have application deadlines. However, early applications are always recommended, particularly for international candidates and those looking to receive financial aid. You can learn more about the application process in our video.

Online application
You can submit your application documents in just a few steps on our online application platform, thus initiating your application process.

Knowledge and personality test
We use the knowledge test to assess your mathematical and logical-analytical abilities as well as your problem-solving skills, which are necessary for successfully completing your studies. This part of the selection procedure takes about 30 minutes.
The personality test is a self-assessment of your suitability for the business or law degree programme at EBS Universität. It helps you to assess whether the study programme you have chosen suits you and meets your expectations. This test takes about 20 minutes.
Good to know: if you have taken the SAT, ACT or Gaokao, we will recognise this exam in conjunction with your secondary school diploma instead of the knowledge and personality test and instead of the EBS online assessment for international applicants.

Personal selection interview
In order to get to know you personally and to be able to assess you even better, we conduct a 30-minute individual interview. Here we assess your motivation and social skills. During this procedure, the decisive factors are performance and learning motivation, your social-communicative profile, your willingness to take social responsibility and your initiative.

Final decision
We will inform you of the final decision no later than one week after the selection interview.

Tuition fees and funding

An investment in your future

We focus on the quality of teaching. For the Bachelor in Law, Politics and Economics study programme at EBS, you need to plan for the following investment:

Tuition fees in total: 46,020 euros
(for 6 semesters, including all fees)

We try to enable all excellent applicants to study - regardless of their economic situation. Your performance, motivation and personality are decisive here. There is a wide range of options for financing a study programme. In many cases, it makes sense to combine various options. Take a look at the possibilities of scholarships and student funding. Here, you can find out which option is best for you.

Student Financing
Students are advised on student financing and scholarships
Studying at EBS

Become part of a great community

The people who teach, research and learn here and who eventually go out strengthened into the world make EBS what it is: an incomparably strong community. Get a glimpse of the student-organised congress "EBS Symposium", which says a great deal about life on campus and student team spirit.


The EBS Symposium is one of the largest and most renowned student-organised business congresses in Europe. During the three-day congress, the EBS Symposium deals with current topics relevant to business and politics.

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Application and counselling

You have further questions?

We will advise you personally on all questions relating to the study programme, student finance and studying at EBS in general.

Go to the application Advisory issues

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Our student advisory service

Choosing a course of study is a big decision. It has a strong influence on the whole life that follows. Often studying involves leaving home and is the first step into an independent life of one’s own.
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Sina Bräck

Student Recruitment Manager

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