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Welcome to EBS Executive School

Being well prepared in challenging situations is an essential basis for growth and development. This is currently being discussed on all channels. Don’t we all wish we had been better prepared for the current crisis? The need for reliable know-how and modern leadership in very different contexts is suddenly becoming even clearer to us all these days.

How do you successfully manage your challenging everyday business life under difficult, constantly changing conditions? How do you want to support change processes in your company and implement them successfully with your colleagues and employees? What is your answer to the necessities of sustainable management? How can you use your individual professional and leadership skills as a compass for your career?

At our university’s Executive School we will prepare you for the (leadership) tasks you are individually aiming for. With cutting-edge knowledge, modern (mind) management tools and practice-oriented case work that integrates your needs, your career stages and your life concept: examine - especially now in these extremely difficult times - with an optimistic view into the future how you want to manage your professional orientation in the best possible way.

Our offer for you: Practice-oriented further education at academic level

At EBS Executive School you can choose between part-time, modular Master programmes (including specialization in a subject area of your choice) and a variety of programmes leading to a university certificate.

Through the unique combination of academic excellence, strong practical relevance and methodological competence, we guarantee first-class continuing education tailored to your very individual needs - whether on a personal level or in the form of individually designed company programmes. An integral and unique part of the EBS Executive School’s offering is the development of participants’ problem-solving and learning skills. EBS Executive School has been offering systemic-constructivist coaching education and training for over 25 years. At the same time, many of our continuing education programmes contain coaching elements to increase the ability to change and to better balance the tension between personal needs, the tasks assumed with a role and the overall corporate goals.

We have set ourselves the goal of accompanying and promoting the development of companies, teams and individuals as partners. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have been doing this for over 30 years now and that we have several 10,000 graduates in further education at academic level.

Corporate Programmes

The requirements for managers and professionals depend on their geographical location, industry, company and position. Digitization levels, market dynamics and uncertainties in the environment are not comparable in any two constellations - nor are the people who act in this context. Therefore, we work with you to develop programmes that are tailored to the learning needs of the respective target group in terms of duration, learning objectives, learning content and method mix. Application orientation, i.e. the transfer of what has been learned into the respective practice, is also a special focus with regard to the learning formats used. Thus, we also use preparation or follow-up measures with direct reference to corporate practice and support companies in the concrete implementation and implementation of process or structural changes. Upon request (and after the required performance records have been provided), these programmes can be completed by the participants with an certificate from EBS Universität.

In terms of content, we also cover the entire range of core topics at EBS Universität within the framework of the corporate programmes and combine these with industry and company specifics. We work closely with the institutes of the faculties of EBS Universität (EBS Business School and EBS Law School), as well as external lecturers and cooperation partners from business practice.

Further information about our corporate programmes.

Open Programmes

EBS Executive School offers a range of open programmes - part-time courses and seminars. The majority of these programmes include courses that allow you to obtain an certificate from EBS Universität at graduation. In doing so, specialists and executives acquire know-how on general management and industry-specific management solutions as well as special functional knowledge. By participating in our open programmes, you have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge while working and to prepare yourself for your further professional development.

Product portfolio


27 May 2020

Completely new thinking is put into extra-occupational learning in times of Corona. In the area between personal life planning and training induced by employers, a completely new approach to lifelong learning is currently being developed.

28 April 2020

In the midst of the disruptive times that the German economy and society has been experiencing for some weeks now, the Real Estate Department of the EBS Executive School is launching its intensive study programmes “Immobilienökonomie” and “Immobilien-Projektentwicklung”.

9 April 2020

Empowering professionals in times of Social Distancing: Is it possible to successfully implement practice-oriented seminar work for professionals under the current disruptive circumstances? The EBS Executive School says a resounding “Yes”!

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