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Outstanding preparation for excellent examination results

With the Examinatorium, the EBS Law School offers its students, as an integral part of the curriculum from the tenth to the twelfth trimester, intensive preparation for the First State Examination in the compulsory subjects. This means that it is not necessary to attend an external review course (repetitorium).

The Examinatorium of the EBS Law School consists of one main course, an examination course and two mock examinations:

  • Main course:
    In the main course, all examination relevant material in the three fields of law, civil law, public law and criminal law, will be repeated and refreshed once more, both intensively and in-depth, within one year.

  • Examination course:
    An examination course will be simultaneously the main course, with a weekly mock test at the examination level and under examination conditions. These mock examinations will be graded promptly and discussed in detail. The students can thus review their performance on an ongoing basis concerning the requirements of the written invigilated examination within the framework of the first state examination of compulsory subjects.

  • Mock examinations:
    A mock examination is offered at the end of the tenth and eleventh trimester to practise more intensively for the legal examination under examination conditions. The students take three civil law examinations, two public law examinations and one in criminal law, all within six days.

  • Exam Clinic:
    Exams written in the exam course can be individually debriefed in the exam clinic. Here, in dialogue with the exam clinic coach, the exam solution brought along is individually scrutinised to work out possible improvements together. The contact person for all students in the Examinatorium is Mr Fabius Bonde, with whom you can make an individual appointment to review your exams.

  • Video correction:
    At regular intervals, we offer video corrections for the exams of the exam course. Instead of the traditional written vote, individual correction videos with targeted improvement tips and corresponding formulation suggestions are created for each submitted exam on request.

Your personal contact

Christoph Wolf

Assistant Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law

Representative of the Examinatorium

Fabius Bonde

Research Assistant Exam Clinic and Examinatorium

Doctoral Candidate