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Interview mit Jonathan Mudry

Senior Consultant at Alberta Medical Association

Jonathan Mudry, Senior Consultant at Alberta Medical Association

What was the most important reason for you to choose the Durham-EBS EMBA programme?

The Durham-EBS EMBA programme was the best option for me to complete my MBA in under two years and benefit from the networking, rich discussions and learnings that in-person lectures provide. I was also drawn to the opportunity to participate in a programme that was offered in two unique locations and countries which added significantly to the varied perspectives and cultural learnings the programme provided.

What is your best memory of EBS and Durham?

By far the best memories include the many social activities and first-week team-building retreat in the English Lake District that helped create a real sense of teamwork and camaraderie in our EMBA cohort. I made many friends throughout the programme with whom I remain in contact to this day.

What was your most impressive experience during your studies?

The Boardroom Exercise was a challenging, stressful, yet very rewarding experience for me. Having the opportunity to model a real-world board meeting with executives from outside of the university gave me the confidence that I will be able to perform under pressure in the future under similar time and resource constraints.

Which benefits did you take out of your studies?

The Durham-EBS EMBA programme enhanced my understanding and appreciation for the cultural, economic and political complexities of international business issues. Both the course content and the ability to network with students from a variety of nationalities and industry backgrounds contributed to a positive learning experience.

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