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EMBA Stories

Interview with Anelise Rezende de Moraes

Sales Manager (Team Leader) at Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers (Dubai Office)

Anelise Rezende de Moraes, Sales Manager (Team Leader) at Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers (Dubai Office)

How did you manage to study while working in your current job?

The greatest challenge I faced during the EMBA programme was to manage to study and work while flying on a monthly basis from Dubai to Frankfurt for one year. However, this “hard work year” turned into my most rewarding, memorable lifetime experience that positively impacted both my personal life and my day-to-day at work life. In my particular case, I allocated my days of company annual leave to attend the classes. I recommend dedicating some hours each week to the studies in order to get the greatest benefit from the knowledge one acquires. In the end, the experience is very well worth it!

What did EMBA do for your career?

Right after the completion of the module Leading Change, I coincidentally started a new leadership role at Pacific Prime. In addition to the academic knowledge, the practical skills I acquired throughout the EMBA programme enabled me to develop my own leadership style and bring a positive atmosphere to my team.

What was your personal programme highlight?

The Boardroom Exercise was one of the greatest highlights of the programme. It was the opportunity to apply a range of the skills and knowledge I acquired during the programme in an exciting and challenging residential week at Durham.

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