Sustainability and the challenge of Digital Transformation

Come on board - EBS Onboarding Project

Your start into the Bachelor Programme

Right at the beginning of your Bachelor in Business Studies programme you will work on a complex case study and get an insight into the three-year study programme. The first lectures will give you a comprehensive insight into the three-year business studies programme and provide you with the necessary hard, soft and study skills. In interesting lectures by practitioners and an exciting excursion, you will gain up-to-date specialist knowledge – in addition, you will be able to get a first impression of your future professional life. You will make first contacts, get to know your fellow students and professors and learn more about EBS Universität. At the end of these two intensive weeks, your results will be presented to a panel of professors and practitioners.

This year’s topic:

Sustainability and the challenge of Digital Transformation

Students from all over the world bring different cultural influences and curiosity to EBS Universität. In order to proactively introduce you proactively to the everyday life of the university and to answer your most pressing questions, EBS Universität has launched the EBS Onboarding Project, which is unique in the university landscape.

Overview of the main aspects of the EBS Onboarding Project

As a business administration student, you will receive a comprehensive insight into the different fields of business administration and an outlook on your studies during the first two weeks of your studies. From day one, you will be immersed in academic life and get to know the study programme in its full scope. We will teach you not only business administration content but also various social and study skills. The work in changing teams is also part of working on one of your case studies on the topic of Sustainability and the challenge of Digital Transformation.

Objectives of the Onboarding Project

  • Get to know EBS Universität and your fellow students
  • Experience and live the unique EBSpirit
  • Immerse yourself in the disciplines of business administration and gain a fundamental understanding of economic methods and concepts
  • Improve necessary skills such as presentation and project management skills
  • Work on a complex case study. Deal with the topics of sustainability and digitisation, as well as their social, economic and ecological effects
  • See challenges as opportunities and solve demanding tasks under time pressure, individually or in a team
  • Expand your strengths, develop resilience and resilience
  • Use the feedback and impulses of the professionals, aligned with the learning goals of the study program, to continuously improve your performance
  • Interact with your fellow students and exchange ideas with business professionals to combine your insights into theory and practice

The ultimate objective: to emerge as the winning team of the EBS Onboarding Project!

Winnerteam EBS Onboarding Project

Case Study

The world is in a constant state of change. Innovative processes and progressive ideas are turning entire value chains upside down and revolutionizing our everyday lives. However, these developments do not always bring only advantages.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our everyday consumption and use can also have enormous destructive effects on people and nature and that we urgently need to find solutions to preserve our environment in all its diversity and incredible complexity. However, this will only work if we as a collective manage to reconcile long and short-term, economic and social, national and international interests.

In 2015, the United Nations met at the UN Sustainable Development Summit to present a set of guidelines with 17 sustainability goals. These include no poverty, no hunger, health and well-being, and affordable and clean energy.

Now creative solutions are needed, and the brightest minds are called upon to develop new concepts. In this year’s EBS Onboarding Project, we will challenge you by working on a case study on the topic of Sustainability and the challenge of Digital Transformation. In addition to gaining an initial insight into economics, you will develop your digital start-up idea together with your fellow students, lecturers, company partners and founders, which aims to achieve the goals as mentioned above. Through this interaction of academic teaching and entrepreneurial practice, you will learn right at the beginning of your university career, how challenges can turn into opportunities. In a final presentation, the teams will defend their idea in front of a commission of experts. If you cannot only think outside the box but innovatively understand and redefine the edge of the plate, you and your team can win this competition.

EBS Onboarding Project - Sustainable Development Goals
Overview with the logos of the sponsors (Aareal, caresyntax, Huawei, blackprint Booster and Siemens) of the EBS Onboarding Project
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Student Recruitment Manager
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The EBS Onboarding Project includes everything that EBS Universität stands for: an excellent academic education in a family atmosphere, close contact between professors and students, and direct access to the large practice network of EBS Universität right from the start.

Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer
Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer
Professor of Social Business

The EBS Onboarding Project provides students with a unique introduction to university life. Last year I was particularly impressed by how quickly a sense of community developed and how well each individual was integrated.

EBS Onboarding Project - Anne-Sophie Riegger
Anne-Sophie Riegger
Research Assistant

During the EBS Onboarding Project, I did not work with new students - I was working with future friends! I am envious that the new intake has the chance to do their EBS Onboarding Project for the first time.

Lucas Schlimgen
Lucas Schlimgen

You rarely have the chance to plan and implement such a unique module. It was a great opportunity to get to know our new students from day one and integrate them into the EBS community. Especially the results of the EBS Onboarding case study were remarkable.

Dr. Katrin Merfeld
Post Doc

The EBS Onboarding Project prepared me professionally and socially for my studies at EBS Universität. I got to know many of my fellow students, both beginners and advanced students, was able to familiarise myself with the working methods required in the future and was able to gather a lot of specialist knowledge.

Tillmann Jabs
Tillmann Jabs

From Day one I felt the EBSpirit: Hard work, team building as well as a lot of fun - the perfect start into my business studies!

Anne-Sophie Klein
Anne-Sophie Klein

The EBS Onboarding Project is a unique feature of our Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration, where students have the chance to work on a real case study from day one.

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Hennig
Prof. Dr. Kerstin H. Hennig
Professor for Real Estate Management // Project Owner EBS Onboarding Project



24 May 2019

Pace points, pitch, credit points and curriculum: Welcome to the academic word-jungle! Every year, several hundred thousand students flock to German universities. They face the uncertainty of their studies and questions regarding student life: What exactly is my study programme about? How can I imagine the next three years?

29 August 2018

A sensational, first-time EBS module to mark the beginning of the semester in August: the EBS Onboarding Project. In the first weeks of their bachelor’s degree, around 100 students in eleven teams will be developing concepts for the successful introduction of autonomous driving in Germany. This will not only give them the opportunity to get to know the university, but they can also establish initial contacts with experts from the automotive industry.

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