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Come on board - EBS Onboarding Project

Your start into the Bachelor Programme

Right at the beginning of your Bachelor in Business Studies programme you will work on a comprehensive case study and get an insight into the three-year study programme. Within three intense weeks, you will meet your fellow students, professors as well as managers from various companies.

Last year’s topic: Future City

Every year a new, exciting topic is chosen. What can you expect in 2020?

Students with different backgrounds, from different countries and little or no university experience, attend EBS Universität every year. In order to proactively introduce our first-semester students to their everyday studies and to address their pressing questions, EBS Universität has launched the EBS Onboarding Project, which is unique in the university landscape.

Overview Graphic - EBS Onboarding Project

As a business administration student, you will receive a comprehensive insight into your studies during the first three weeks of the EBS Onboarding Project. You will immerse yourself in academic life from day one and get to know the full scope of the study programme. You will not only learn the contents of business administration, but also various study skills. The work in different teams is also part of an exciting case study on the topic of Future City.

This exploration and debate will be determined by the following objectives:

  • Get to know EBS Universität and your fellow students
  • Experience and live the unique EBSpirit
  • We provide you with a basic understanding of the disciplines of business administration and how they interact with each other. In addition, you will learn basic skills such as presentation and project management skills
  • We confront you with uncertainties in a complex case study on megatrends in the real estate industry. In this case study you will address the issues of mobility, urbanisation, digitisation, co-working and co-living and their impact on the future life in the city.
  • We provide you with challenging tasks that have to be completed under time pressure, individually or in teams. Thus you develop a professional and individual resilience
  • You will receive constant feedback on your performance according to key criteria, in line with the learning objectives of the study programme
  • You will interact and exchange ideas with your fellow students and professionals from the real estate industry

Speaker 2019

  • Harry Gatterer, Zukunftsinstitut
    Megatrends & Future City

  • Florian Altmann, Deloitte
    Innovation & Design Thinking

  • Benjamin Schrödl, PwC
    Emerging Trends in Real Estate

  • Jörg von Ditfurth, Deloitte
    Digitalisation in Real Estate

  • Robert Kitel, alstria office REIT AG
    Real Estate Sustainability

Field Trips 2019

  • 29.08.2019: Frankfurt
    · HOLM - House of Logistics and Mobility
    · WeWork - Co-Working & WeWork Labs
  • 03.09.2019: Hamburg
    · ECE - Retail of the Future
    · Art-Invest - Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus
  • 03.09.2019: Zürich
    National Digital Conference
  • 09.09.2019: Rheingau
    Best of Rheingau
Christof Glaser
Student Recruitment Manager Bachelor in Business Studies
+49 611 7102 1594


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The EBS Onboarding Project includes everything that EBS Universität stands for: an excellent academic education in a family atmosphere, close contact between professors and students, and direct access to the large practice network of EBS Universität right from the start.

Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer
Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer
Professor of Social Business

The EBS Onboarding Project quickly resulted in a unique community atmosphere, the “EBSpirit”. The students were taught and supported by senior professors, industry experts and fellow students from higher semesters.

Tanja Schader
Tanja Schader
Director Faculty Administration

The EBS Onboarding Project provides students with a unique introduction to university life. Last year I was particularly impressed by how quickly a sense of community developed and how well each individual was integrated.

EBS Onboarding Project - Anne-Sophie Riegger
Anne-Sophie Riegger
Research Assistant

During the EBS Onboarding Project, I did not work with new students - I was working with future friends! I am envious that the new intake has the chance to do their EBS Onboarding Project for the first time.

Lucas Schlimgen
Lucas Schlimgen

You rarely have the chance to plan and implement such a unique module. It was a great opportunity to get to know our new students from day one and integrate them into the EBS community. Especially the results of the EBS Onboarding case study were remarkable.

Katrin Merfeld
Dr. Katrin Merfeld
Post Doc

The EBS Onboarding Project prepared me professionally and socially for my studies at EBS Universität. I got to know many of my fellow students, both beginners and advanced students, was able to familiarise myself with the working methods required in the future and was able to gather a lot of specialist knowledge about Autonomous Driving, the topic of our past EBS Onboarding Project.

Tillmann Jabs
Tillmann Jabs

From Day one I felt the EBSpirit: three weeks of hard work, team building as well as a lot of fun - the perfect start into my business studies!

Anne-Sophie Klein
Anne-Sophie Klein


24 May 2019

Pace points, pitch, credit points and curriculum: Welcome to the academic word-jungle! Every year, several hundred thousand students flock to German universities. They face the uncertainty of their studies and questions regarding student life: What exactly is my study programme about? How can I imagine the next three years?

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