Business double degree options at EBS Universität

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Get two degrees with only one study programme

The management degree programmes at EBS Universitäty offer the opportunity to earn a double degree in cooperation with international and renowned partner universities. You will spend parts of your studies at both universities, which will be credited at both institutions. Upon graduation from the dual degree programme, both universities will award you a degree. Sharpen your career profile and double your chances of starting a professional career after graduation!

International Madrid Spanien

Business Bachelor programmes

Gain an extensive and unique experience abroad, directly in your first-degree programme. The international Bachelor in Business Administration gives you the opportunity, in addition to the mandatory one semester abroad, to extend your stay abroad to three semesters and earn a dual degree. With the so-called dual degree track, you spend the first three semesters at EBS Universität and then switch to one of our partner universities for the rest of your studies. Thereby you obtain the Bachelor of Science degree of EBS and the degree of your chosen university abroad.

Partner universities

International Toronto Kanada

Master’s Programmes

How better to make the most of your Master’s studies than with two degrees from two renowned, international universities at the same time? All of our ** Master’s programmes** include at least one semester abroad at one of our 200 partner universities. With our extensive international network, our students can gain far-reaching insights into new cultures. This is crucial to broadening their knowledge of global markets, international economic systems, and the social values of other countries.

For an even more intensive international study experience, we offer the optional dual degree. You will extend your Master’s programme by a fourth semester abroad and receive two degrees at the end of your studies: a Master of Science from EBS Universität and a second degree (Master’s or MBA) from the partner university.

International Durham UK

MBA Programmes

One study programme, two degrees: an efficient alternative to a conventional study abroad experience.

MBA, Full-Time

You will also have the chance to gain maximum international experience during your studies in the MBA Full-time. If you extend your study time by another semester at one of our partner universities, you will not only obtain the MBA of EBS Universität, but also the degree (Master or MBA) of the chosen university.

Executive MBA, part-time

The Executive MBA in cooperation with the renowned Durham University in England of course includes a mandatory stay abroad in Durham, UK. The study programme is conducted in close cooperation with our partner university and enables a double degree at the end: the Master of Business Administration (MBA) of both universities.

Internationality matters to us

EBS Universität fosters a network of over 200 partner universities worldwide. Get an overview of your international opportunities with us.

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