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Extracurricular activities

EBS Ressorts & Initiatives

It is important to us that studying at EBS is not limited to university teaching. Our students should also get involved in so-called "Ressorts" and student initiatives from the very beginning. These cover very different areas of interest. Often, events are planned that expand the university's offerings and thus provide even more variety.

  • EBS Symposium: The EBS Symposium is Europe's largest purely student-organised business congress.
  • EBS Real Estate Congress: Our students interested in real estate organise the one-day EBS Real Estate Congress every year and invite students, companies and interesting speakers from the industry.
  • EBS Law Congress: The law congress offers inspiring lectures and workshops as well as a career fair with international law firms.
  • EBSpreneurship Forum: Students interested in founding a company organise a congress with many partners and network here.
  • Students Helping: Studenten Helfen organises its own social projects and supports local and global projects such as Christmas in a Shoebox and DKMS registration campaigns.
  • IVV: Our wine department "In Vino Veritas" takes care of our university wine in cooperation with the winery Ress and markets it.
  • Invest: At EBS Invest, students gain interesting insights into the world of finance. Their knowledge is not only strengthened through practical experience, but also through events and workshops.
  • EBS Event: EBS Event organises not only parties but also Poker Nights, Valentine's Day events or get-togethers for international holidays (e.g. the Indian "Diwali").
  • EBS Sounds: The music department EBS Sounds meets regularly to make music together. They also rehearse together for performances they have at various events at EBS.
  • EBS Sport: The Sport Department organises the major sporting events such as Euromasters and independent events.
  • Marketing: The Marketing Department supports university marketing on the one hand, but also implements external marketing projects.
  • James Consulting: In the student consultancy, our students work on real cases and for companies in order to gain experience during their studies.
  • EBS Politics: Students interested in politics come together at EBS Politics and organise events, lectures and panel discussions with interesting personalities from politics.
  • Legal Practice: Our law students can put their legal knowledge to the test in simulated court hearings and workshops in the Legal Practice department.
  • Diversity & Refugee Law Clinic: The student contact point for refugees and people who have experienced discrimination organises lectures and workshops for the further education of students in addition to helping disadvantaged people.

Business congress

EBS Symposium

The EBS Symposium is one of Europe's largest and most renowned business conferences, organised annually by EBS students. The conference offers participants the opportunity to network with high-ranking personalities from business, politics and academia and to exchange views on current topics and trends. The symposium is known for its high-calibre keynote speakers and panel discussions that present the latest insights and developments from the world of business.


What makes the EBS Symposium special is that it is organised by the EBS students themselves. The event is run by a dedicated team of students who work hard every year to put on an impressive conference. From topic development and speaker selection to logistics and marketing, the students are responsible for all aspects of the organisation.


As a result, the EBS Symposium offers participants not only the unique opportunity to learn from experts from business and other industries, but also the chance to experience first-hand the outstanding work and dedication of EBS students.


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Friedrich Pollert, Chairman of the 33rd EBS Symposium
Since 1989, students have managed to acquire great speakers and companies every year. Driven solely by the motivation to give the congress participants three unforgettable days.
EBS Sport Department


In addition to the EBS Ressorts, there are also student-organized sports teams. Here our students can stay true to their hobby or discover new sports.


Cheerleading is very popular. Students meet twice a week to rehearse new choreographies and stunts, train for annual competitions and compete against business schools from all over Europe.

But everyone plays their favorite sport here: whether it's soccer with derbies against the Geisenheim University team, basketball, golf or even hunting. The sports groups are founded by the students themselves, which quickly turns those interested in sports into a team in which contacts are made across semesters and subjects.

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Get to know companies

Getting to know companies does not only take place during lectures. Well-known companies regularly offer exclusive events for our students. From relaxed wine evenings through challenging case workshops to cooking events, everything is covered. However, the focus is always the same: companies and students get to know each other and network. Not infrequently, this results in the first contacts for internships, working student positions or even entry-level opportunities after graduation.

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Places in the vicinity

Rheingau & Surroundings

Oestrich-Winkel. The student city.


Even though Oestrich-Winkel is not a world city - or maybe because of that - our students appreciate living here very much. There is a good variety of student apartments and dormitories. The walking distance to other students creates a unique connection. The short distance to EBS makes it an elementary meeting place, even apart from lectures. Within a very short distance, you can find all the stores that are important for everyday life. Due to the good public transport connections to Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, the major cities are also popular destinations for students.

Located directly on the Rhine and in the middle of the vineyards, Oestrich-Winkel is one of the most beautiful towns in the area. The Rheingau offers time to relax when things get a bit more stressful during studies and also has many different excursion destinations.

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Wiesbaden. The gateway to the Rheingau.

For most of our law students the place of living - for our business students a popular getaway destination. The capital of Hesse impresses with its diverse selection of historic buildings, picturesque parks and cosy cafés. In the evenings, the city's numerous restaurants and bars offer a relaxed and casual atmosphere for going out. The numerous opportunities for shopping, relaxing, and entertaining make Wiesbaden an attractive student city.

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Mainz. The city on the other side of the Rhine.

At carnival time, Mainz is literally upside down - but the city directly opposite Wiesbaden is packed with life in other ways, too. Here, students have the opportunity to discover the city's rich cultural heritage or go on an extensive shopping tour. A stroll through the historic old town and a visit to Mainz's sights are well worth it. The city's numerous cafés, bars and restaurants invite you to linger. At night, Mainz's nightlife comes alive with a variety of clubs and discos.

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FAQ with students

Students about life on campus

Find out what Noah, Charly, Elias & Lisa like about studying at EBS:

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Living near the campus

The iconic Hotel Schwan in Oestrich-Winkel is expanding its offering with new appartments for students of EBS Universität. Under the brand name Swan1628, it offers students idyllic accommodation with a view of the Rhine, common rooms for leisure and study as well as a wide range of services.

About the Swan1628 residential project

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