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Yves Müller

Board member at Hugo Boss AG

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An international focus, close cooperation with corporate partners from the business world and an extensive network that lasts a lifetime. Those are just three advantages of EBS Universität. Even more important to us, however, is teaching a strong set of values to guide people’s actions and educate the elite minds who will be in positions of responsibility in the future.


Yves Müller, who started out as a consultant at Tchibo before becoming a board member, has been guiding the fate of HUGO BOSS for six years. He considers empathy, reliability and trust to be the key qualities of a leader. And a guarantee of success is remaining true to yourself in an environment that thrives on having to permanently reinvent yourself.

What path did you take after graduating from EBS? What were the formative stages and moments along the way?  

I first spent 5 years at the auditing firm Arthur Andersen to get a solid basic education in finance after my studies. I then spent 18 years at Tchibo, including 12 years as CFO. As a family business, I was characterised by the entrepreneurial spirit and long-term orientation. I have been CFO/COO at Hugo Boss AG for around 6 years. Hugo Boss is globally orientated with its Boss and Hugo brands and is active on the capital market. To be successful in the fashion world, the company has to see itself as a "brand builder".

What does "leadership" mean to you personally and how do you put it into practice in your current role?

I would like to emphasise three things. Firstly, "leading by example". Never ask your employees to do something that you are not prepared to do yourself. As a CFO in particular, you sometimes have to make unpleasant decisions. "Hard in the matter, soft in the heart (empathy)" is a maxim that has guided me in my leadership principles. And the third is trust. I am convinced that you have to trust your employees. This way, decisions are made much more quickly (even in a corporate group).


The EBS promise is "We empower leaders to make a difference in the world" - how do you make a difference in the world?

First of all, I want to be successful for the company I work for. In today's world - and that's a good thing - we as a company need to put sustainability at the centre of our strategy. This is because we are convinced that only sustainable companies can be successful in the long term. At Hugo Boss, we set up a foundation a year ago, among other things.

What did you learn / take away from EBS that has been particularly helpful in your later professional life?

First of all, I think it's worth mentioning that I made very close friends at EBS. The network is also incredibly strong. The semesters abroad were very formative and inspiring. EBS has something of a "boarding business school" feel to it. I have very fond memories of these 4 years.

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