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EBS Alumni success stories

Our alumni make a difference!

EBS Universität’s outstanding teaching and network are reflected in the careers of our alumni. The EBS Alumni network is an integral part of the German and international economy.

Forbes 30 under 30

13 EBS alumni have already been nominated as Forbes 30 under 30 by the renowned US business magazine Forbes.

Capital Top 40 under 40

Last year, the German business magazine Capital voted three EBS alumni into the Top 40 under 40.

Start-ups of EBS Alumni

The distinct entrepreneurial mindset of EBS Students and EBS Alumni, its combination with the commercial toolset, exemplary enthusiasm and desire to creation and invention has been led a number of alumni to become particularly successful in self-employment businesses. Aside from industrial career success, our EBS Alumni have been succeeding traditionally in professional banking and commercial careers. Increasing over recent years, EBS Alumni have devoted themselves to an entrepreneurial career path. Regardless of the time of entry into the venture world – during or immediately following education at the EBS Universität or subsequent to years of professional experience -, our EBS Alumni are prodigiously involved and prosperous in their choices.

Allow us to introduce you to some examples of successful EBS Alumni entrepreneurial accomplishments and startups:

  • Aday is a US fashion label for women’s clothing and couture, founded by EBS alumna Nina Faulhaber and Meg He
  • brands4friends.de is Germany’s largest online shopping club, co-founded by EBS alumnus Mario Zimmermann in 2007. Three years later, the startup was sold to eBay for 150 million Euro.
  • Carzada offers a kind of premium used car market and was founded in 2015 by EBS alumni Johannes Mayer and Thomas Vagner.
  • caseable – Innovation by individualisation of pocket bags and cases for electronics. EBS alumni Klaus Wegener and Marvin Amberg joined to establish caseable in 2007.
  • Comatch, a platform for freelance consultants, was launched by Christoph Hardt and EBS alumnus Jan Schächtele.
  • In 2010, EBS alumni Frederik Fleck and Jan Hendrik Ansink started expertcloud.de in Berlin.
  • Farmy is an online marketplace for regional & organic food, founded by EBS alumni Tobias Schubert and Roman Hartmann. In 2014, the company has already raised over 10 million Euro in investments.
  • fashionette.de is Germanys largest online boutique for designer bags – with EBS alumnus Fabio Labriola as its Chief Executive.
  • Geld-für-Flug.de was founded by EBS alumnus Benedikt Quarsch with the vision of helping air passengers to obtain their rights simply by pushing a button.
  • Lieferando is a food delivery intermediary and established by EBS alumni Kai Hansen, Christoph Gerber and Jörg Gerbig in 2009.
  • Kreditech is a credit rating platform with a technology designed to facilitate and accelerate the creditworthiness determination beyond market standards. The company was launched by EBS alumni Sebastian Diemer and Alexander Graubner-Müller.
  • Land Luft Leberfing – Grazing. Grazing slaughter. Naturally organic: The online shop and organic restaurant in Niederbayern were founded by EBS alumna Veronika Lindner.
  • Matica Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics brand established EBS Alumni Board Member Marina Zubrod with the support of her husband EBS alumnus Jan Zubrod. The start-up is based in Hamburg.
  • Plista is an advertising platform for native advertising and content distribution. EBS alumni Christian Laase, Andreas Richter and Dominik Matyka are the founders.
  • Project Oona is an online shop for customized bags, set up by EBS alumna Maru Winnacker.
  • Savedroid is a fintech app that intends to support young people in their goal to put money aside and save up funds. EBS alumnus Marco Trautman founded the company together with Yassin Hankir and Tobias Zander.
  • SDG INVESTMENTS is a digital matching platform which accurately matches sustainable financial projects with potential investors, founded in September 2017 by EBS alumna Bettina Gereth.
  • Source For Alpha is an independent asset manager offering modern systematic investment strategies in individual asset management and as investment funds. The company was founded by the three EBS alumni Dr Christian Funke, Dr Gaston Michel and Dr Timo Gebken.
  • St. Kilian Distillers – In addition to his successful work as an investment banker and venture capitalist, EBS alumnus Andreas Thümmler founded St. Kilian Distillers in Rüdenau, Germany’s largest whisky distillery, out of his great passion for whisky in 2012. In 2019, the distillery has very successfully launched its first three-year whisky.
  • Spacebase is a platform for booking unique meeting rooms. EBS alumni Julian Jost and Jan Hoffmann-Keining met during their Bachelor studies at EBS Universität and founded Spacebase in 2014.
  • Store2be is a Berlin-based company and the leading marketer of promotion, pop-up and event spaces in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, offering about 3,500 locations in its portfolio. EBS Alumni Sven Wissebach is the founder.
  • Vapiano is a modern restaurant chain with pasta, pizza and more. In 2002, EBS alumnus Mark Korzilius opened the first restaurant in Hamburg.
  • Volders is a contract managing programme, reminding its users of, among others, cancellation periods. Jan Hendrik Ansink, an EBS alumnus, is the company’s founder.

EBS Alumni in Management Positions

Our alumni hold positions in key committees and management levels of renowned companies – both in large corporations and family-owned businesses.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our successful alumni:

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