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Master in Automotive Management

The Master in automotive Management is designed in collaboration with partners from the automotive industry. It contains compulsory core modules, tailored to the automotive sector, international experience, an internship and the Master’s thesis. Furthermore, the courses offered cover a wide range of focus areas important for future challenges to the industry.

Value Proposition
The EBS Master of science degree in automotive Management is the first of its kind in the German and European education sector. Since the first class graduated in 2012 alumni are pursuing careers with OEMS, suppliers, consulting firms, financial institutions and in numerous other industry sectors.

Connection to the Corporate World
The Master in automotive Management is a programme that carefully balances theory and practice. It is underpinned by regular interaction with German automobile manufacturers, suppliers, mobility associations and policymakers. Programme content is constantly reviewed and evaluated with various stakeholders from the automotive industry to ensure it is up to date, relevant and close to practice. Field trips, case studies, extracurricular events such as workshops with experts and guest lectures, and an internship all give you the opportunity to make direct contact with our corporate partners.

Career Prospects
As a graduate, you will be equipped with a sound understanding of issues central to the automotive sector, the tools to tackle current and future challenges and the managerial skill set to excel in an international arena. Major global suppliers, such as the numerous “hidden champions” in Germany and abroad, are seeking young professionals with a profound understanding of the industry. Additionally, the automotive sector is being revolutionized by several start-ups, requiring customer-driven experts, who can develop strategies to address future mobility challenges. EBS graduates usually join management trainee programmes or take on middle-management roles in finance, sales, marketing or brand management.

In order for you to get real working experience and the best shot at entry-level positions, an internship with a duration of a minimum of six weeks is integrated into the programme. This can be planned to suit your individual career goals.

Semester Abroad and Dual Degree Option
Getting international experience is essential for a business leader. That’s why it’s compulsory to either spend a semester abroad at one of our 240 partner institutions or continue your stay in Germany (for students whose degree was obtained in a non-German-speaking country). You can also spend an extra semester abroad and combine your EBS Master’s qualification with an MBA or a specialist Master’s degree from your host university.

Special Preparation Semester for Students with a non-business degree
At EBS, you can even earn an internationally recognized Master of Science without holding a degree in business studies. For students who have a non-business Bachelor’s degree e.g. in computer science, Political science, law or engineering, we are proud to offer a preparation semester with the required business knowledge for the EBS Master’s programme. The preparation semester is begun the semester before starting the Master of Science.

German Track for students who have already studied abroad
Instead of spending a semester abroad, students with a degree from a non-German-speaking country can spend a further semester at EBS in Germany, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the country and the culture. Over three semesters at EBS, you will be able to improve your German language and intercultural skills enormously. And greatly improve your job perspectives in a German multinational organization after your graduation.

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PRACTICAL RELEVANCE - EBS provides more than just academic-excellence workshops; training programmes and the course content lead to professional success.

Maximilian Stratmann
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Programme Structure

Programme structure

Please find below an exemplary illustration of the Master of Science study programme. In case you hold a non-business degree, EBS offers you the chance to qualify for our Master of Science programmes by successfully completing a preparation semester. During our Master of Science programme you will spend your first two semesters at EBS. The third semester will afterwards be spent at one of our partner universities. If you decided to pursue a dual degree, you will pass an additional semester abroad at the respective partner institution. For students holding a non-German degree, we offer the chance to spend the third semester at EBS, too.

Studienprogrammübersicht - Master in Automotive Management

  • Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
  • Study duration: 20 months
  • Start: September and January
  • ECTS: 120
  • Major Field of Study: Management

Core Modules

  • Research Methods
  • Personal Mastery
  • Studium Fundamentale

All Master’s students study the same core modules. These modules prepare you for empirical research and build leadership skills. Furthermore, they give you an understanding of how to handle ethical issues in the workplace and embrace social responsibility.

Specific Modules

  • Corporate Foresight and Regulation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Brand Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Process & Information Management in the Global Automotive Value Chain
  • Distribution Channels & Dealership Management
  • Supply Chain Design & Global Sourcing

Master’s Thesis

After completing the second or third semester, you will write a Master’s thesis. This can be done either independently or together with a company to create a body of empirical research. The thesis is the culmination of the programme and a testament to the knowledge and experience you have gained during your studies. It contains both a written and an oral component.

Supporting you is important to us

EBS offers not only excellent teaching and an intensive learning atmosphere but also a wide range of services. We want you to achieve an optimal study result and start with excellent career opportunities in your professional life. Therefore, we support you in…

Partners & Sponsors
Audi AG
Daimler AG
Robert Bosch GmbH

Requirements & Application

To take part in the EBS assessment center, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • completed online application
  • proof of first degree for admission to the Master’s programme
  • detailed overview and condensed description of first degree content and (where available) the Diploma Supplement
  • CV with photo (in English)
  • letter of motivation (in English)
  • proof of internship
  • proof of advanced English language skills (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent proof)
  • valid GMAT, GRE or EBSgrad (EBSgrad = internal postgraduate admission test)

On the basis of these documents, the admission committee determines whether the applicant fulfils the requirements for admission to the Master’s programme at EBS and should thus be invited to the EBS Master’s Admissions Process.

Proof of a Bachelor or equivalent degree

A Bachelor´s degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS from a college, university, or technical school of acceptable standing is the major entry requirement for admission to the programme:

  • For students who hold a non-business Bachelor’s degree EBS offers a preparation semester, where you can gain the required business knowledge for the MSc programmes.
  • If your first degree is in the field of business studies or in a business studies related subject you can directly enter the 18 months Master of Science programmes.

Proof of English language skills

Proof of advanced English language skills can be demonstrated by TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent.


A valid GMAT or GRE is required. The score is significant for the allocation of study places abroad in the third semester. Applicants also have the chance to take the internal GMAT aquivalency exam, the EBSgrad.

Letter of motivation and CV

In addition to a current CV, applicants should submit a letter of motivation of approximately two pages in length outlining in detail the reasons for applying for the respective Master’s programme. Proof of work placement

Proof of internship

EBS traditionally places great value on practice-relevant education, therefore proof of 10-week work placements is a prerequisite for admittance to the Master’s programme. Work placements in Germany and abroad are acceptable, on condition that they were completed during or after the Bachelor’s or equivalent degree programme.

EBS Master’s Admission Process

The Master’s admission process is a standardized process developed by staff and faculty members at EBS and conducted under their direction and supervision. If the application documents meet our admission requirements, candidates will be invited to take part in the EBS Personal Master’s Assessment (PMA). The PMA consists of a 45-minute interview.

Candidates who participate in the PMA are evaluated by small groups of specially trained and experienced observers. They assess the candidates’ motivation, their social competence, their abstract reasoning skills, and their communication and presentation skills.

Once evaluation of the oral admission process has been completed, candidates will be informed within a week after their assessment whether they have gained a study place at EBS. Upon request, the offer of a study place may be converted into a study place reservation for the following year.

Fees for taking part in the PMA amount to 100 euros.
There is no legal right to a study place.

Admission Days & Application Deadlines

  • 04.02.2017, Application Deadline 15.01.2017
  • 01.04.2017, Application Deadline 12.03.2017
  • 10.06.2017, Application Deadline 17.05.2017
  • 04.07.2017, Application Deadline 18.06.2017
Costs & Financing

Fees & Financing

First-class education in a private institution

The quality of teaching is our focus: The EBS represents one of the best management trainings throughout the German-speaking world. As a private university we fund us to a great extent from tuition fees.

  • Admissions process 100 EUR, with additional participation in the English test 150 EUR
  • Tuition fees of 7,950 EUR per semester
  • One-time enrolment fee 690 EUR
  • Examination fee master thesis 1,500 EUR

Total: 26,040 EUR

Motivation and performance are your drive

We try to allow excellent candidates access to our studies, regardless of their economic situation. Decisive factors here are performance, motivation and personality. The selection of funding of studies is diverse and often a combination of the different options is useful. Take a look at our study finance overview and find out which offer best suits you.

  • Scholarships - financial and / or non-material support, no repayment, no interest

The EBS herself, but also independent foundations offer scholarships in different style and performance.

  • Education Fund - Financial and moral support, if necessary, repayment including interest rates, repayment starts only after graduation

The former club of the EBS “EBS Alumni” supports students of EBS through a separate education fund.

  • Financing - Financial support by financial institutions, repayment including interest rates, repayment generally starts after signing the contract

A traditional financing from banks or financial institutions may be a good option to finance studies completely or in parts. The KfW Student Loan or the financing model of the Nassauische Sparkasse, for example.

We are happy to help. Please contact us!



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