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Bachelor in Business Studies

Excellent business economists are in great demand, not only in Europe but all over the world. At EBS Universität you will learn to master intellectual challenges, to survive in a competitive world and to face management responsibilities in an environment of uncertainty and volatility. The business administration degree Bachelor in Business Studies (BSc) is the perfect qualification for a career in the industry as well as for business administration master programmes.

At a glance

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Double degree: possible
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  • Focus: International Business Administration
  • Start: Annually in spring and fall term
  • Study duration: 6 semester (start Fall Term), 7 semester (start Spring Term)
  • Achievable ECTS: 180 credits (start Fall Term), 210 credits (start Spring Term)
  • Investment: 43,085 euro
  • Language: English


  • Small study groups
  • Top-class corporate network
  • EBS Onboarding Project
  • Close practical relevance
  • Possibility of specialisation
  • Individual support and coaching
  • Integrated semester abroad
  • Above-average entry salary


  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Proof of the general or subject-restricted higher education entrance or a recognized equivalent foreign degree
  • Can be submitted until the end of the first semester: Proof of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL iBT or IELTS)

If you do not fulfil the requirements, the English-speaking Foundation Year could be an option for you.

Selection Process

Since we have an ongoing admission procedure, we recommend applying early in order to ensure a study place in time. Arrange an individual selection interview!


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Student Recruitment Manager Bachelor Programmes
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Top 25 performing universities in student mobility

2019 Top Performers

No. 6 in business administration // No. 8 in law

University Ranking 2019

No. 7 // Germany’s best universities // business administration

University Ranking 2018

Top scores worldwide

Business Studies Comparison 2017

Top tier in all categories

University Ranking 2017 - Business Bachelor Universities in Germany

You will be studying at one of the top business schools worldwide: EBS Universität regularly ranks among the top universities.

You benefit twice: If you choose the study programme with the option of a double degree, you will receive the Bachelor of Science from EBS Universität and the degree from the partner university attended in the last three semesters.

From the very beginning, you are part of it: In the EBS Onboarding Project you get to know your fellow students, professors and the corporate network of EBS Universität right at the beginning of your studies and get a profound insight into the key disciplines of business administration. The world is changing rapidly, we will be preparing you for this: we equip you with the skills and methodical expertise you require to take on management tasks and social responsibility in a highly dynamic environment.

You learn to perform confidently in a digitised environment: programming languages, professional data analysis or information management, we teach you the digital skills you need to exploit the potential of a digitised world and to break new ground.

You start your professional career with a knowledge edge: already during your bachelor study programme you are given the opportunity to specialise in a specific field of business administration. Finance, Strategic Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneurship & Start-Up, Strategy & Management Consulting.

Your complete study programme is in English: At EBS Universität you study at international level and in an international environment, therefore all lectures and events are, of course, in English.

You gain practical knowledge with genuine added value: From the very start of your study programme you will benefit from our network of highly attractive corporate partners. We arrange internships in companies such as Accenture, BCG, BMW, Danone, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, L’Oréal, Morgan Stanley, P&G, PWC and others. You will also receive intensive support at the start of your career from our Career Services Center and will also be in touch with corporate representatives during your studies.

You gain international experience at some of the best universities worldwide: at least one semester abroad at one of our 230 partner universities is an integral part of your study programme.

You benefit from top learning quality: you will achieve optimum learning success in small groups with explicit practical relevance and numerous case studies. Our unique coaching programme and comprehensive curriculum for individual personality development put you in good stead for your professional career.

As a graduate of EBS Universität you achieve an above-average starting salary: a degree from EBS Universität offers you financial benefit from the very beginning of your career. The average starting salary of our bachelor graduates is 56,000 euros (Employment Report 2016).

With our study programme you are in great demand on the job market: 85% of graduates receive their first job offer during their studies or at the latest 3 months after graduation (Employment Report 2016).


EBS SPIRIT - There is a very special community spirit at EBS. There is commitment and an entrepreneurial spirit which will remain steadfast for generations to come.

Christina Baumann
Christina Baumann
EBS alumna // Founder, Montgomery & Miller Academy (Pty) Ltd

INTENSIVE TEACHING METHODS - With highly motivated students in small seminar groups, we´re able to maintain high standards and use cutting-edge teaching methods.

Markus Kreutzer
Professor Markus Kreutzer, PhD
Professor of Strategic and International Management // Dean EBS Business School

STUDENT SERVICES - The university supports each of us in getting started and planning our careers. The variety of opportunities really is great.

Janina Krick
Janina Krick

IDEAL LEARNING ENVIROMENT - Small groups, intensive learning, close cooperation with top-quality corporations: EBS inspires with a sense of solidarity and mutual support.

Janik Dienst
Janik Dienst
Bachelor´s student, 2016 intake

INTERNATIONALITY - The professors and students come from all over the world; we spend at least one semester abroad and the Bachelor programme is almost entirely in English. You can´t get more international than that.

Abinash Dass
Abinash Dass
Bachelor student, 2015 Intake
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Programme Structure

Programme structure

Studienprogrammübersicht General Management

First option – Bachelor degree of EBS Universität

Study model in which you study five semesters at EBS Universität and one semester at one of our partner universities. You will receive a Bachelor of Science degree from EBS Universität.


Second option – double degree

Study model in which you study the first three semesters at EBS Universität and the last three semesters at one of our international partner universities. You will receive a double degree - the Bachelor of Science degree from EBS Universität as well as the degree from the partner university.

International Business Studies - Programmübersicht


Business Administration

EBS Onboarding Project

The EBS Onboarding Project is unique in the German university landscape. During the first three weeks of your studies you will work on a large-scale case study and receive a comprehensive introduction to the most important disciplines of business administration. In technical lectures and workshops we will challenge you and together we will explore how we can react to unforeseen circumstances and create opportunities in the unknown, in that we take on uncertainty.

Additional skills rather than pure specialist knowledge

Graduates from EBS Universität have to take on management tasks and social responsibility in a highly dynamic environment. Our students learn to pervade complex structures, constantly review specialist knowledge they have gained and, if necessary, to develop this systematically.

Digital Skills and Digital Transformation

Digitisation is transforming our lives: socially, economically and politically. Profound knowledge and the confident use of new technologies are also vital for managers since every area of business administration has its own unique connection to the digital transformation. In the area of finance, for example, it is BitCoins and FinTech, and in the area of marketing, it is the emergence of new technologies. We create a connection to these topics in our curriculum and provide you with the necessary digital skills to take you a major step forward.

Two great networks at once

In just six semesters you are awarded two internationally recognised degrees: both the Bachelor of Science in Business Studies from the EBS Universität and, additionally, the national degree from the partner university. Apart from the dual degree, you also gain access to two distinguished networks, improving your chances on the global job market.

In this, each partner university has its own individual character and you learn very intensively to come to terms with and appreciate other teaching and learning cultures. As far as gaining intercultural skills is concerned, this experience is unparalleled. A correspondingly intensive language training programme during your time at the EBS Universität will prepare you for your stay abroad and help you to orientate yourself in your new surroundings and connect quickly with your fellow students and the people you encounter there. Of course, contact with your Alma Mater during your stay abroad will be uninterrupted: online courses and regular exchange will ensure that you are in constant contact with EBS Universität.

Personalities are in demand

Only excellently trained personalities will survive in the international job market. Strong characters with top social and intercultural skills, who can move confidently in teams and complex networks, are in great demand. Therefore, we foster each individual’s personal development by means of lectures on ethics and philosophy, together with individual coaching and socio-cultural projects. The Institute for Corporate Ethics plays an important role here: we offer you practical ethics training (service learning) that further develops your cognitive, linguistic, social and intercultural skills multidimensionally. Specialist or community-based projects within the framework of the student clubs of EBS Universität provide you with insight into managers’ particular social responsibility.

Knowledge in special subjects with added value

Specialisation - specialised training in the bachelor programme offers students the opportunity to specialise at an early stage according to individual talents and interests. This is beneficial for all those involved: the graduates begin their professional careers with a competitive knowledge edge - and companies are pleased to have excellently trained young talents.

  • Finance
    Specialising in Finance and Accounting offers you three options:

    Asset management, corporate finance, FinTech - here you will gain specialist knowledge which will open doors to investment banking, mergers & acquisitions or financial services.

    CFO Agenda
    Bookkeeping, financial economics, controlling - you learn to take a holistic approach when considering, planning and describing structures and processes. Typical fields of work are auditing, treasuring or controlling.

    Real Estate
    Real estate investment, finance, development - the ability to evaluate real estate and assess investment decisions correctly, experienced specialists are in great demand in the real estate sector. From analyst through property manager to asset manager - career opportunities are diverse; the job is demanding.

  • Marketing & Sales
    Pricing, brand communications, strategic marketing - young talents with this specialisation are at a premium, both cross-sector and internationally. In addition, you benefit from the fact that you are deployable from product management through market research right up to sales in many relevant corporate divisions. Graduates can look forward to a broad career spectrum with excellent development potential.

  • Strategy & Management Consulting
    Foundation of management consultancies, legal and economic strategy foundations - ideal for students who wish to focus their attention on strategic development and corporate management in their career. Careers in this sector are characterised by a high degree of responsibility. This includes direct strategic influence on corporate developments or, with increasing experience, management of internationally-oriented companies.

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-up
    Technology entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance & governance, innovation management - the trend towards entrepreneurship continues, society needs more and more innovation. Entrepreneurs can localise opportunities and potential and transform these into profitable enterprises. As an entrepreneur you will belong to a young, dynamic scene which is characterised by flat hierarchies, work autonomy and a great deal of individual responsibility.

Your support is important to us

At EBS Universität you can expect not only excellent teaching and an intensive learning atmosphere, but also an extensive range of services. We want you to achieve an optimal academic result and to start your professional life with excellent career opportunities. Therefore we support you in…


Requirements and Application

Top students are welcome - Your way to us

Studying at EBS Universität makes considerable demands on your mathematical and linguistic knowledge, your logical-analytical intellectual capacity, your willingness to learn, motivation as well as your personality. Whether you are admitted as a student at EBS Universität depends on a successful selection process.

Admission requirements

In order to be accepted for the selection process at EBS Universität, please submit the following documents to us:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Your last two school reports. Higher school-leaving certificate or an equivalent accredited foreign school-leaving certificate recognised as equivalent - if this is not yet available, you can also apply with the last two half-year certificates
  • Can be submitted until the end of the first semester: Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent). Training and the completion of the test are also possible at the EBS Language Center. Applicants whose native language is English or who have an English language school leaving certificate are not required to provide a proof

If all requirements are fulfilled after a detailed evaluation, you will receive an invitation to an individual selection interview.

Note: If you do not fulfill the requirements, the English-speaking Foundation Year could be an option for you.

Recognising potentials - the selection process

As part of our selection process, we examine your ability to perform and study. We want you to successfully complete your studies. For this reason, only the most suitable applicants in a given year will be accepted at the end of the process. For this, we take our time and take the greatest possible care.

  • Part 1: Personal assessment
    When choosing your studies, it is important to focus on your interests, abilities and inclinations. This 20-minute test is designed to help you better assess whether your chosen study programme is suitable for you and meets your expectations.

  • Part 2: Written test
    The written part lasts about 30 minutes and takes place on a date of your choice on the campus of EBS Universität. Your logical-analytical and problem-solving skills will be tested. The written test is dedicated to the cognitive and behavioural requirements necessary for a successful degree.

  • Part 3: Personal interview
    Based on the results of your self-assessment test, we conduct a 30-minute individual interview. We will test your motivation and social skills. The decisive factors are performance and learning motivation, the social-communicative profile, the willingness to take social responsibility and the applicants’ own initiative.

  • Part 4: Final interview
    In a concluding interview, final details and questions about your studies will be clarified with you and expectations will be defined. On the basis of the test results, we will also give you a recommendation as to which points you might need to work on more intensively in order to complete your studies at EBS Universität in the best possible way.

The decision

Such a selection procedure is exhausting and exciting at the same time. We know this and relieve our applicants by communicating the results as quickly as possible. This provides early planning security – for all parties involved. A study place offer can also be converted into a study place reservation for the following year upon request.

Investment and Financing

Investment and Financing

First-class education in a private institution

The quality of teaching is our focus: EBS Universität represents one of the best management programmes throughout the German-speaking world. As a private university, we finance ourselves to a large extent from tuition fees.

  • Tuition fee per semester: 6,950 euro
  • One-time enrolment fee: 690 euro
  • Examination fee bachelor thesis: 695 euro
  • Total: 43,085 euro

Motivation and performance are your drive

We try to make it possible for excellent applicants - to get access to our studies - regardless of their economic situation. Decisive factors are your performance, motivation and personality. The choice of financing options for a study programme is diverse and often a combination of the various options can be useful. Take a look our scholarships and student finance options and find out which offer suits you best.

We will be happy to advise you. Please contact us!