Student life at EBS Universität

EBS Student Body

Around 2,200 students at EBS Universität are organised in an independent association, the “Studentenschaft der EBS e.V.”, which provides the basis for the broad spectrum of extracurricular activities the students take part in.

About the association

Responsibility & Participation

The association Studentenschaft der EBS e.V. is formed by all matriculated students at EBS Universität. Once a year, students elect their student representatives from the various semesters and study programmes. The selected student representatives, who equally form the association’s board, participate in all relevant university committees and thus influence the further development of their alma mater EBS Universität.

Student representatives, department heads and interested students meet once a week in the Student Council to discuss university policy issues and coordinate student activities. The structures of the Student Body thus enable fellow students to play an active part in shaping and further developing the university. In addition, the student representation regularly awards an EBS Excellence Award Teaching to lecturers who receive an excellent evaluation from students for their teaching.