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Welcome to the EBS Studentenschaft

The nearly 2,000 students at EBS Universität are organized in an independent association, the “Studentenschaft der EBS e.V.”, which provides the basis for the broad spectrum of extracurricular activities the students take part in.

In more than 20 student initiatives, the so-called Ressorts, students have the opportunity alongside their demanding studies at EBS Universität to engage in joint projects: They carry out work for the homeless, organize presentations and wine tasting events, simulate court proceedings for learning purposes (Moot Courts) or run a student management consulting company, James Consulting GmbH.

Our students organize and even promote independently exclusive conferences and congresses such as “EBSpreneurship” or, together with the Real Estate Management Institute REMI, the “EBS Immobilienkongress”, which often feature high-calibre speakers. The dedication of our students also brings financial rewards to their community: EBS student initiatives achieve a turnover of around half a million euros per year and all profits are invested back into the student body.

This extensive and frequently very demanding commitment alongside studies means that as young adults they are repeatedly faced with new challenges. In mastering these challenges they are supported by the strong community spirit that exists among students at EBS. Values such as solidarity, responsibility, commitment and a willingness to help all combine to create the spirit which is alive among our students and sets this University apart from its peers: the EBS Spirit.

Each year the student body elects the student representatives who have the right of co-determination in all the relevant University boards and thus play a vital role in the development of their alma mater. The student body regularly awards an EBS Excellence Award Teaching to lecturers who receive a particularly good evaluation from students for their teaching.

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Responsibility and co-determination

All students enrolled at EBS are members in the registered association „Student Body of EBS.”

Once a year the students elect their representatives from the different semesters and degree programmes. The student representatives constitute the association’s governing board, have the right of co-determination in the various university boards and committees, and represent the students in the university and to the outside world.

In addition, the student representatives, the chairpersons of the student-led organizations and other interested students meet once a week at the Student Council to discuss topics relating to university policy and to coordinate the various student activities. Through the student representation structures EBS’ students are able to play an active role in shaping and further developing the university.

Student-led organizations and initiatives

The student initiatives and working groups the students engage in alongside studies are divided into three areas (“clusters”): conferences & congresses, further education, culture & social affairs. These clusters include around 20 so-called Ressorts that are concerned with topics closer to the curriculum – such as organizing conferences and guest lectures – or topics only indirectly connected to studies, for example social commitment and wine tasting events organized by the Ressort In Vino Veritas.


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