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Facts and figures about EBS Universität

Current figures for the academic year 2017

  • enrolled students at EBS Universität: 2227
  • enrolled students at EBS Business School: 1574
  • enrolled students at EBS Law School: 340
  • PhD students: 132
  • Exchange Students: 181

Full-time professors at EBS Universität (without honorary and visiting professors: 40)

Professors at EBS Business School: 29

  • Senior professorships: 23
  • Junior / qualification professorships: 5
  • Management in Practice Professorship: 1
  • International professorships: 7

Professors at EBS Law School: 11

  • Senior professorships: 9
  • Qualification professorships: 2
  • Honorary professorships: 2
  • Extraordinary professorships: 1

Press material for download

EBS - Universitätsarchiv - Professor Evard

EBS Founding Father Professor Dr Klaus Evard

EBS - Pressebild - Universitätsarchiv

Founding EBS University Archive

Pressebild Markus Ogorek

Professor Dr. Markus Ogorek, President EBS Universität

Julia Sander

Prof. Dr. Julia Sander, Managing Director and Chancellor EBS Universität

Campus Atrium

Headquarters of the University and Home of the EBS Law School: the Atrium in Wiesbaden

Campus Schloss 03

Home of the EBS Business School: Schloß Reichartshausen in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

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Press and Public Relations Officer
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