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Shape the future: Set the course for your career path

Empowering you to shape the future

No one can avoid the future. The only question is what you do with it. Simply run with it or help shape it? If you decide to “shape the future”, then your future can begin with us! We will give you the tools to be or become a responsible leader who thinks in new ways and shapes new things. We prepare you for a future in which you will play a decisive role. And tomorrow’s world needs leaders with new qualities: agility, enthusiasm, empathy and courage count. Courage to make mistakes and to reflect on them in order to learn from them. Personalities who like to take responsibility and go the extra mile to bring themselves and others forward together. As superiors and as people.

Individually tailored coaching at EBS

Coaching & Leadership Hub

The need for responsible and modern leadership has never been greater. For many years now, we have been committed to the topic of “Responsible Leadership” and have systematically incorporated it into research and teaching. Our goal is to train responsible leaders who want to help sustainably shape the future. In the Coaching & Leadership Hub, we specifically address the challenges and demands associated with this.

“At our university, we emphasise holistic education because our graduates have to take on leadership tasks and social responsibility in a highly dynamic environment. In our coaching sessions, soft skills are just as much in demand as intellectual abilities.” – Marie-Luise Retzmann, Head of Coaching

Targeted personality development

The coaching programme raises our students’ awareness of life issues in their private and professional lives and supports them in their personal development. All coaches are professionally trained as “Systemic Coach (EBS)” and thrive as managers or independent trainers. Every EBS student can request personal coaching with up to four meetings per semester, including an intensive, open and trusting dialogue between the coachee and their coach on various topics. These include, among others, reflecting on one’s strengths, weaknesses, typical patterns of thinking and behaviour, and values and improving self-organisation and time management.

Professional development through coaching

As a manager, you need to be able to take responsibility in a highly dynamic environment. At EBS University, we offer you the opportunity to prepare yourself specifically for this challenge. In personnel development, for example, coaching is used to improve employees’ problem-solving and learning abilities and thus to promote lifelong learning. At the same time, coaching can increase the ability to change and balance the area of tension between personal needs, the tasks assumed with a role and the higher-level corporate goals.

Our Career Services Center supports you in career planning

Career Services Center

The Career Services Centre helps you prepare for the world of work. Take advantage of career counselling, get valuable employer contacts as well as tools for self-employment training.

“The goal of our work at the Career Services Centre is to find the right position for each student. It is essential to us that ‘right’ refers not only to factual requirements such as qualifications and salary but also to ‘soft’ factors in the sense of a fulfilling position in which you can be successful and feel part of a team.” - Susanne Schnabel, Head of Career Services Center

Graduation Ceremony in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden

Alumni network

EBS can proudly look back on a network of over 10,000 graduates. You can find EBS alumni in exciting positions worldwide – not infrequently in a leading role. And this is what makes the EBS spirit and network so valuable. People know each other and like to support each other - also in career matters. EBS Alumni e.V. was founded in 1980 and had been growing steadily ever since. The association now has more than 3,400 organised members in over 30 countries. The association offers its members - graduates and students - a wide range of networking activities, top-class specialist lectures, exclusive events and professional know-how and knowledge transfer.


Studying at EBS provides you with in-depth specialist knowledge. It develops the personal and social skills that are the USP of EBS graduates entering the job market and the foundation for further career advancement opportunities in the business world.

Anna Trunk
Anna Trunk
EBS alumna // Human Ressources Strategy & Innovation at Audi AG

The university supported each of us in getting started and planning our careers. The variety of opportunities really is great.

Janina Krick
Janina Krick
Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant

EBS Universität not only offers unique Master’s programmes, but it has also provided me with a perfect platform to build my network, study with many different people, and build my career.

Lin Shi
Lin Shi
EBS alumna // Pan-EU Online Marketing Specialist at Hyundai Mobis

Studying MBA at EBS Universität was a transformative experience. From the very experienced professors, I have gained knowledge and insight into how to manage in complex corporate environments and start-ups and develop soft skills such as teamwork, negotiation, and public speaking through working on team projects. I particularly appreciate the coaching courses, unique to this university, that helped me reflect on my personality and find the connection between my ability and career.

Portrait Menghuai Zimmerer
Menghuai Zimmerer
EBS alumna // Assistant Vice President of Operational Risk at State Street

EBS provides me with many opportunities to forge contacts with renowned companies, whether in company presentations on the campus or personal interviews. The university´s extensive network offers the best prospects for landing my dream job.

Viktoria Göttlicher
Victoria Göttlicher
EBS alumna // Assistant Manager at KPMG AG

The EBS supports us, especially with our career planning. Whether in our choice of internships or organising our semester abroad – we get the best support we could wish for. This is unparalleled.

Vida Malakooti
Vida Malakooti
EBS alumna // Junior Lawyer at Noerr