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With our help, you can grasp challenges as opportunities

In international comparison, the German health care system is considered one of the best medical care systems. It stands out as the growth engine in Germany. 5.7 million employees generate 391 billion in turnover, accounting for 11.7 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product (as of 2019). Meaning that the sector has a greater weight within the overall economy than, for example, mechanical engineering.

The Health Care Management Institute (HCMI) addresses the outstanding importance of the health care market!

We are convinced that learning and further education are not a singles match but can only succeed in the community and with personal contact with other participants and lecturers! This conviction guides our self-image. Our claim for you:

  1. Practical and application-oriented: To provide you with answers to the permanently changing and in part tightened framework conditions in the health sector, we teach state-of-the-art management know-how in a practical and application-oriented manner.
  2. Background: We make it our business to teach you a profound knowledge of experiences, mechanisms, methods and procedures in the health market.
  3. Transferable: We always design content teaching in such a way that you can transfer the knowledge you have learned to your specific professional concerns.
  4. Participant-specific: The transfer effect we teach ensures participant-specific knowledge transfer.

Your benefit is our mission:

  1. You will gain a foundation of theoretical tools to understand complex interrelationships of actions and reactions in the health market.
  2. You learn to understand specific problem situations and to gain guidance for yourself and your area of responsibility.
  3. You develop ideas in dealing with changed parameters for profiling and differentiation with your reference groups.
  4. You find new ways of implementation as alternatives to previous measures. With our help, you can grasp challenges as opportunities

Focus areas

Research - Teaching - Further Education

  • HCMI works on inpatient and outpatient care (surgery and hospital management), together with its partners and experts from science and practice.
  • In addition to questions about organisational development (such as quality management and change management) and the strategic orientation of hospitals (new business fields and models), HCMI also deals with aspects of contemporary leadership styles (transformational leadership and empathic leadership) as a response to current challenges.
  • A further focus of the Institute is the analysis of critical success factors of market access and market cultivation of products of the pharmaceutical industry and medical device manufacturers (Market Access Management).



Ralph Tunder
Head of Health Care Management Institute


Max Mustermann

Honorary Professor of Medical Law and Health Care Systems

External Lecturer

Lawyer and Medical Practitioner

Research Assistants

Max Mustermann

Research Assistant

Doctoral Candidate

External Lecturers

Max Mustermann

External Lecturer Executive MBA Health Care Management

Professor of International Economics at the PFH Private University Göttingen

Max Mustermann

Academic Advisor

Colonel, Specialist for Visceral Surgery, Medical Director Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin

Max Mustermann

Associated Team Intensive Studies Health Economist

Academy of Hospital and Health Care Mainz University of Applied Sciences

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