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Christoph Kastenholz

Forbes 30 Under 30 // Germany 2018: Media and Marketing

Christoph Kastenholz, together with Lara Daniel, founded Pulse Advertising, an agency for influencer marketing, in 2014. The company now has over 100 employees in five locations: Hamburg, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and London. The agency represents international bloggers and works with brands such as H&M and PUMA. Pulse Advertising & Management is thus one of the few international companies to cover both sides of the value chain: demand as an advertising agency and supply as talent management.

Portrait of Christoph Kastenholz: EBS Alumni, Co-Founder and CEO of Pulse Advertising

EBS Alumnus Christoph Kastenholz, Co-Founder and CEO of Pulse Advertising

What has been the biggest challenge in your entrepreneurial career so far?

Cold calls. Literally tens of thousands of emails and calls to potential customers over the years, and after every no to then call back. That was and is a long way, but it gives me my greatest strength.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Doing is more important than planning! I used to think you needed that one great idea to reinvent the wheel. In the end, however, everything turned out quite differently than was originally planned. The first idea led to the next. If we had deliberated too long, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Many successful entrepreneurs say the same. So, just get going!

Which mistake would you have liked to avoid?

Actually - being thrown out of university. Failing can give you strength, if you make something of it. So that mistake turned out to be important!

What brought you to EBS Universität back then?

I was thrilled by the idea of learning from professors with practical experience.

To what extent did your studies at EBS Universität provide you with added value for your work?

More the human than the academic part - I failed the latter. The competitiveness among the students is a good experience!

Your best memory of EBS Universität?

The community feeling. We went through so much together and that creates a bond.

What does the alumni network offer you?

Some of my closest friendships stem from my time at EBS Universität, and I want to keep them. In terms of business, the alumni are always a strong resource and thus a point of contact for new topics!br>

Do you have a (daily) routine you always keep to?

Sport in the morning, and almost everything I do is on the schedule or to-do lists.

Who is your big role model?

I read a lot of autobiographies and try to learn from them. I think Muhammad Ali was strong, he had a will of iron.

What are your goals for 2019?

Running longer distances and making other people happy, that is mostly reciprocated.

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