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Benedikt M. Quarch

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The train was supposed to leave at 2:15… Five minutes before, however, the announcement: The expected departure will have a delay of 60 minutes! Probably everyone has experienced the effects. Submit an indemnity? For many people, this is a long and nerve-racking process. Benedikt Quarch has recognised this problem and founded the LegalTech start-up RightNow together with Phillip Eischet and Dr Torben Antretter. The company aims to acquire the legal claims arising from flight cancellations, ancillary rental costs, package tour cancellations or rail delays from its customers, and to repay them proportionally within 24 hours.

Portrait of EBS Alumnus Dr Benedikt M. Quarch

EBS Alumnus Benedikt M. Quarch, Co-Founder & Managing Director of RightNow

What has been the biggest challenge in your business career so far?

Every business career has a great number of challenges. I especially remember the insolvency of the airline AirBerlin, which hit us hard in the first months of our newly founded LegalTech company in 2017. Similarly, a decision by the Federal Supreme Court in 2018 changed our product range significantly. Those were enormous challenges, which we could only master with a great team. I am very grateful for that.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

My most important perception is: have the courage to think outside the box! Try things for yourself and be willing to take chances, even at the risk of falling flat on your face. After all, being an entrepreneur means undertaking something - as an old acquaintance taught me while I was still at school.

Which mistake would you have liked to avoid?

I think it is often difficult to deal with the fact that everything takes longer than you expect. In this respect, I was sometimes impatient.

What brought you to EBS Universität back then?

I was in the first intake year of EBS Law School - I enjoyed that very much. The pioneer spirit and the combination of the “classic” law studies with many innovative aspects - above all, of course, the integrated business studies - attracted me to Wiesbaden at the time. And that was definitely the right decision. I then went on to do my doctorate at EBS.

To what extent did your studies at EBS Universität provide you with added value for your work?

The interconnection between theory and practice, the close exchange with the professors, the integrated studies abroad and, above all, the additional business knowledge - all this has given me excellent insights into law and business, and this helps me every day. Above all, I have fond memories of the entrepreneurial spirit at EBS and live it every day.

Your best memory of EBS Universität?

The pioneering spirit in the first year of EBS Law School 2011 has had a formative influence on me to this day.

What does the alumni network offer you?

I am in close contact and enjoy a good exchange with many alumni, from both Law and Business School. This is true for both business and private issues. I am involved in the branch of the Alumni Association in Düsseldorf and as cash auditor of the association. I enjoy that very much. I find it especially important that the Law School also plays a significant role in the life of the Alumni.

Do you have a (daily) routine you always keep to?

My days are never the same - but coffee and the FAZ in the morning are always a must.

Who is your big role model?

That’s a good question, but difficult to answer. Let me name three people from whom you can learn a lot: Angela Merkel (her style of leadership has always impressed me), Jeff Bezos (always putting the customer first) and Rutger Bregman (his book “Utopias for Realists” has impressed me most lately).

What are your goals for 2021?

We want to drive RightNow’s growth forward, at top speed. Personally, I would like to catch up on the Kenya safari that was cancelled this year because of Corona.

How do you deal with the requirements created by the coronavirus?

This is a broad topic, as old Briest would say. In general, we have come through the crisis well at RightNow and have even launched new products. For me, I have learned that both working from home and everyday life, without being constantly on the move, function very well. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a time “after Corona” - if there is such a thing.

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