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EBS Universität graduates toss their hats at their graduation ceremony

EBS Alumni membership

We are happy to welcome you as a new member of our inspiring and powerful community.

Full Membership
Ordinary membership in the association is available to any graduate of EBS Universität who has been awarded an academic degree on the basis of official examination regulations (Bachelor, MSc, MBA, MBI, Diploma, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Qualifications).

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Graduates of continuing education programmes
All graduates of continuing education programmes may become associate members (cf. § 3, para 1 c, d of the Bylaws). Further educated members whose programme includes more than twenty days of presence at EBS Universität become associate members with alumni status.

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Extraordinary member
An extraordinary member can become a natural person who feels particularly committed to the purposes of the association.

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EBS Student membership
Any student enrolled in an academic degree programme (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) at EBS Universität can become a student member (cf. § 3 para 1 b of the Bylaws).

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Membership Fee Reduction
We grant our members a membership fee reduction if certain circumstances apply.

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EBS Alumni Network

We believe profoundly that the unconditional communication and exchange opportunity between all graduates of a university is fundamental for the success of an alumni organisation – regardless of an alumni associations’ membership. Needless to say, we invite all graduates who have not yet had the opportunity to join the EBS Alumni Association to please register in the EBS Alumni Directory – at no obligation and or charge. Fellow classmates will subsequently be able to locate and reach out to you, even when you are not a member of the EBS Alumni Association. The EBS Alumni Directory search is, however, exclusively reserved to members of the EBS Alumni Association.

As an EBS Alumni member, you can now enjoy all the benefits of the new platform for EBS Alumni members.


  • Live- und Newsfeed including the latest info about the EBS Alumni e.V. Groups for all chapters, where you will find all info and events regarding your regional chapter
  • Event registration and cancellation via the platform as well as payment via our partner Stripe (currently only payment via credit card, we are working on implementing SOFORT payment and SEPA mandate) Member’s Directory
  • Keep your contact data up to date via the platform
    You can update your personal information here
  • Post job opportunities
  • Find a newsletter archive, event pictures and official documents regarding the EBS Alumni e.V. in the Media Center
  • Another big advantage of the new platform: It is also available as App for Android and iOS! Search for “EBS Alumni” in the App Store, download the App on your phone and gain easy access to the Alumni network from anywhere you are.


If you have not yet received an invitation to the platform, please contact us via office@ebs-alumni.de so that we can check it.

Register here (free of charge) for listing in the alumni directory
Members of the association are of course automatically registered in the alumni directory.

Using different devices

Membership fee

There are several ways you can pay the membership fee:

  • By bank transfer

    Recipient: EBS Alumni e.V.
    IBAN: DE85510900000040078401
    Bank: Wiesbadener Volksbank eG, Schillerplatz 4, 65185 Wiesbaden

  • By direct debit authorization

    Please complete the following form to authorize a direct debit mandate to the EBS Alumni Association as the beneficiary:
    Online form for direct debit authorization

  • By credit card (one-time payment):

  1. * Mandatory fields

  2. After submission of this form you will automatically be redirected to the secure payment website of our partner Worldpay, where you will be asked to provide your credit card information.
  • By annual credit card payment

    Should you decide to set up your recurring money transfer order by 31 March of one year, your transfer order will commence during the current calendar year. Should you set up your recurring money transfer order on 1 April or later, your transfer order will not commence until the next calendar year. In that case, we are kindly asking you to make a single-time payment for your annual membership fee of the current year (for example by a one-time credit card payment)

Your recurring money transfer order

Here, you can issue a revocable recurring money transfer order for your credit card (Master/VISA/AMEX), ensuring your annual payments (iE membership fee) will be automatically processed and charged to your credit card upon maturity.

EBS Alumni events

The overview of all EBS Alumni events and workshops can be found in the Events category on the EBS Alumni Platform.

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Participate and contribute

All EBS Alumni are warmheartedly invited to contribute to the Associations’ success. A considerable extent of those values, benefits and opportunities permanently adding to and shaping the value of the EBS Alumni Association lies within the hands of each participating EBS Alumni. The strength and scope of the EBS Alumni Network is determined by and depended upon that of every individual contributor.

Whether as a mentor to a Fellowship-Scholar, an interviewer during the entrance examination days, a speaker at an event, a regional EBS Alumni contact person or an associate to a company – the EBS Alumni actively engage in the most diverse projects. We would be happy to introduce you to vacant engagement opportunities across the EBS Alumni Association. Find out what is most suitable to yourself and excel with your capabilities.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

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