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About the EBS Alumni e.V.

The EBS Alumni network is the alumni association of EBS Universität with over 3,400 members connected across more than 30 countries. We are providing multifaceted networking activities and opportunities to our members across the globe. First-class speeches and round-table discussions, exclusive events and get-togethers are part of the Alumni Alliance Initiative and arranged in cooperation with internationally renowned partner organisations and companies. Our associations’ stakeholder position in EBS Universität – unprecedented across European universities – enables us to support EBS Universität with the know-how, network and enthusiasm members of EBS Universität stipulate and live.


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EBS Alumni Academic Foundation

Being the oldest alumni association nationwide, our EBS Alumni Academic Foundation has been supporting the EBS student body, both ideally and financially, unconditionally since our establishment in 1980.

Academic Policy

Alumni activity and effort is a primary objective of the academic policies of EBS Universität within its pillar category Network. An emotional bond with the university and a strong, constructive dialogue with the alumni are anticipated to establish during the course of studies, already.

Key factors and activities of the EBS Alumni Association for the benefit of the university and the student body:

  • The financial and ideational student support with a particular EBS Alumni-Fellowship program, including alumni mentoring
  • The participation in the skills training of students in workshops for personality and character advancement
  • The direct exchange between alumni, faculty and university management as committee representatives

Whether it may be with attendance of alumni events, personal visits in both Wiesbaden and the Rheingau or the monthly EBS Alumni newsletter – the EBS Alumni Association enables its members to continuously stay on top of and take part in the progress and advancement of EBS Universität.


Taylor Wessing

Since the founding of the EBS Law School in 2011, we are dedicated to supporting outstanding law students. We are explicitly pleased to cooperate with Taylor Wessing, one of the worlds’ leading law firms and comprehensive legal counsel to enterprises with national and international commercial law exposure.


The foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a dedicated strategic partner for many years. Thanks to their support and insight, we have been cooperating in dozens of training. The EBS Alumni Rhetoric Training is currently conducted in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Alumni Alliance

The Alumni Alliance Initiative serves as a platform for the improved cooperation between alumni associations of the worlds’ leading business and law schools. The extremely successful strategic collaborations known from the airline industry and networks such as Star Alliance and OneWorld serve a model function hereto. The Alumni Alliance was founded by the EBS Alumni Association and its members in 2008.

Karriere im Familienunternehmen

Karriere im Familienunternehmen is a career portal where Germany’s leading family businesses (e.g. Kärcher, Hilti or Würth) present themselves to up-and-coming persons of excellence and leadership. Additionally, there are specific job-offers posted on the portal.


Sponsors and affiliates value the opportunity to introduce their brand and increase market awareness in the exclusive EBS Alumni network setting. Large-scale events, such as the EBS Alumni Golf Event at Schloss Miel (Germany) and the prominent Homecoming summer festival on campus Schloss in Oestrich-Winkel are an outstanding opportunity to brand prominence. The pleasant cosiness of smaller-scale events and settings, regularly taking place in Germany and around the globe, offers a one of a kind customer approach.

We are continuously striving to improve offers and opportunities for EBS Alumni and are always appreciative of new partnerships, regardless of their particular structure. Please feel free to contact us at office@ebs-alumni.de with your inquiry or idea.

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Contact person

Executive Board

  • Peter Holzer
    President | Diplom 2004
  • Anna Trunk
    Vice President | Master 2012
  • Fabian Meeh
    Treasurer | Bachelor 2014
  • Victoria Krewinkel
    Representative | Master 2020
  • Johannes Mähn
    Representative | Law Studies / Master 2020

Contact us by e-mail via vorstand@ebs-alumni.de


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