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Success through knowledge

In line with our shared vision of “Success through knowledge”, we establish the EBS Alumni Academy for the first time in 2019. As lifelong learning is becoming an increasingly important part of professional life, we want to allow you to be part of our vision and participate in workshops on current issues. For the workshops, we were able to attract experienced coaches, who will give you an insight into their areas of expertise. Use the EBS Alumni Academy as an opportunity to further qualify yourself, make new contacts and grow steadily and successfully.

Networking of people and knowledge is the key to success


The workshops are primarily intended for EBS students and EBS alumni. We would like to take this opportunity to create a networking platform as well as the proximity between EBS Alumni and EBS students. You will not only learn new things for your internship or your job, but you will also be able to network with other students and alumni across the year!

You need to be a member of the EBS Alumni Association (the workshops are free of charge for EBS students) to participate in the workshops.

Information for EBS Alumni

Information for EBS students

As soon as you have applied for membership of the association, you will receive an invitation to use the EBS Alumni platform, where you can network with other students and alumni, see all events and get tickets for our workshops. The use of the platform is free of charge for all members.

Join the first EBS Alumni Academy! We are looking forward to seeing you!

EBS Alumni Soft Skills Trainings

The EBS Alumni Academic Foundation will continue to offer career-relevant workshops in spring term 2020. The exclusive formats such as Survival Guide for Business Studies Theses or #UXB - User Experience Basics will start in January. The requirement for participation in the EBS Alumni Soft Skills Trainings is a current student membership in the EBS Alumni Association.

Survival guide for business administration study work
Speaker: EBS Alumna Pirie Grützmacher
Date: 25 January 2020 | Location: Campus Schloss, Oestrich-Winkel


  • Tips and tricks on the subject of study work in the field of business administration
  • This practical, interactive seminar answers the following questions, among others: How do I find a topic? // How do I start? // Where do I get information from? // How should a good student research project be structured? // What should I write and how? // What needs to be considered? // What is (mostly) popular with lecturers?

Language: German

Introduction to the legal problem areas in German professional football
Speaker: Christian Seiffert
Date: 8 February 2020 | Location: Campus Atrium, Wiesbaden


  • Player contract law and the related contractual relationships with the other stakeholders
  • Drafting contracts in football marketing
  • Requirements acc. the statutes and guidelines to a venue/stadium and the responsible group of people
  • Group phase & presentation and final meeting

Language: German

#UXB - User Experience Basics
Speaker: Alexander Farkas
Date: 21 March 2020 | Location: Campus Atrium, Wiesbaden


  • Knowledge transfer, theory and benchmarks
  • Group work with coaching
  • Presentation with direct feedback
  • Creating an idea: From the idea to the implementation - project phases and their meaning. Group work: Development of a creative digital idea
  • User Experience Basics Definition, explanation and best practices for digital user experience.
  • Paper Prototyping: Introduction to prototyping, application examples, implementation of a creative digital idea from topic block 1. Group work: Creation of mobile paper prototypes

Language: English

Products and services from the ‘customer point of view’
Speaker: EBS Alumnus Reinhard Ematinger
Date: 28 March 2020 | Location: Campus Schloss, Oestrich-Winkel


  • The approach of customer jobs-to-be-done and its benefits
  • The origin of the approach and working examples
  • Identifying and describing the most important customer segments
  • Elements of the Customer Value Canvas with examples
  • How small and large organisations work successfully with the approach Case studies of the participants

Language: German

#UX Content
Speaker: Alexander Farkas
Date: 18 April 2020 | Location: Campus Atrium, Wiesbaden


  • Knowledge transfer, theory and benchmarks
  • Group work with coaching
  • Presentation with direct feedback
  • Consumer Insights: Target groups, trends, needs. Group work: development and presentation of a persona for one of the trainer selected brand
  • Content Marketing: What is content marketing and what touchpoints are there? We learn something about influencer marketing, storytelling and our magazine as well as which mechanics convince the target groups.
  • Content Production: In groups, we develop a fictional content product for our brand and target group developed from part 1
  • Group work: Creation of a content production plan with concrete examples

Language: English

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