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EBS Alumni Fellowship ...we support you!

Soft skills, an outstanding personality, and a good network are essential for a successful career.

This is why, we as the EBS Alumni Association support committed students, within the framework of the Fellowship Programme. As part of a carefully selected group, you will come into contact with EBS alumni during events at an early stage. Exclusive EBS Alumni Training sessions will help you to improve and develop your soft skills.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of being an EBS Alumni Fellow is your mentor. An experienced EBS Alumni is there to help and advise you, especially with questions about your studies and career entry. Your mentor is your personal insider: he or she knows the EBS study program from personal experience and lets you benefit from his or her knowledge gained in professional practice.

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EBS Alumni Fellowship

EBS Alumni Education Fund

...you study, we pay!

No one should regard financing as an obstacle to studying at EBS Universität. That is why we offer you the opportunity to finance your EBS tuition fees through the non-profit Alumni Education Fund.

Our Education Fund is a reverse generational contract: We pay your tuition fees in full or in part during your studies. Afterwards – as soon as you have a job and not a day earlier – you pay a certain percentage of your income back into the fund over a certain period and use it to finance subsequent students the EBS study programme – a thoroughly fair model.

EBS Alumni exchange scholarships

An educational stay abroad during an already challenging course of studies imposes an additional financial burden. Individual EBS Alumni have devoted resources to offer financial support to the benefit of five stellar students with one of three EBS Alumni Exchange Scholarships.

  • EBS Alumni Martin Krämer Award
    supports one undergraduate or graduate student with a one-time payment of 1,250 Euro
  • EBS Alumni Arnd Schikowsky Award
    supports one undergraduate and one graduate student, with two international scholarships of 500 Euro each
  • EBS Alumni Law Abroad Award
    supports one student of the Faculty of Law with a one-time payment of 1,250 Euro

Application deadlines

  • EBS Law School students: 15 May
  • EBS Business School Master students: 15 May // Bachelor students: 31 October


The prerequisite for an application is the student membership. As a student member you will receive regular information by e-mail, including announcements and current application forms for the respective scholarships abroad.

EBS Alumni Academy

…We will continue where the lecture ends!

Within the EBS Alumni Academy, we offer training sessions and workshops for student members and alumni. Thereby we focus on strengthening your soft skills. But also current themes of practice are covered. The training sessions are not only the perfect complement to your academic education, but also enable you to network with alumni.

An extract of our training topics:

  • The Perfect Application
  • Rhetoric – Say It Right!
  • Negotiations – Sell Yourself!

We are looking forward to many training sessions together!

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