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Corporate Programmes

The corporate programmes of EBS Executive School are tailored to the learning needs of our clients. After all, the requirements for managers and professionals depend on their geographical location, industry, company and position. Digitisation levels, market dynamics and uncertainties in the environment are not comparable in any two constellations - nor are the people who act in this context. Therefore, we develop programmes with you, whose contents are customer-specific, relevance-based and excellence-oriented. The conception of the programmes is tailored to the learning needs of the target groups. Together with the client, we define learning objectives, learning content and the mix of methods. The application orientation, i.e. the transfer of what has been learned into one’s own practice, is also a special focus with regard to the learning formats used. In this way, we design the didactic concept with a coordinated mix of formal learning units (Education), learning in exchange (Exchange) and experiential learning (Experience).

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We use our structured design approach for the precise design of company-specific qualification measures:

  1. The qualification measures are aligned with the strategic objectives of the customer. In the first step, we need to understand the customer’s strategic orientation.

  2. Within the scope of the gap analysis, we conduct an inventory of the current situation together with the company and define which competencies the target group should have expanded after the measure. From this we derive the definition of the learning objective.

  3. Now follows the conception of the learning design: determine which learning formats (presence, eLearning, blended learning, transfer tasks, etc.) result in a suitable mix of methods and didactics for which contents and whether the measure should be concluded with an certificate from EBS Universität.

  4. Depending on the learning design, we define the framework for the measure together with the client: e.g. location of the classroom events, use of our eCampus, duration of the measure.

  5. Our learning support takes place at different levels: We accompany the participants professionally through our implementation and mentoring offers, personally the participants can fall back on our coaching offer and regarding the organisation of your event, our professional programme management is at your disposal.

Jasmin Engel


Head of Inhouse Programmes

+49 611 7102 1845