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BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law

Welcome to the website of the BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law at EBS Law School!

The BRYTER Center for Digitalization & Law accompanies the digital transformation of the law and addresses the issues raised by digitalization in teaching and research. To this end, the BRYTER Center combines scientific with practical expertise and works at the interface of law and technology.

The purpose of the Center is to train students of the law at EBS Law School in this field and to prepare them for the challenges of their professional careers. Furthermore, the Center conducts practice-oriented, interdisciplinary research projects on the legal issues raised by the phenomena of digitalization and organizes events.

Labs & Center

The EBS Legal Innovation Lab was launched in 2018 on the initiative of Law School students under the academic supervision of Professor Dr. Emanuel V. Towfigh and Professor Dr. Tim Florstedt. It strives to provide students with the necessary tools to position themselves suc-cessfully in our innovation-driven world. Therefore, the Lab offers talks, projects and a net-working platform for students, young professionals, and academics.

Since 2020, the Lab organizes “Innovation Talks”, a series of lectures taking place on a regu-lar basis, in which interested students, young professionals, and academics from EBS Law School can exchange ideas with experts from academia, politics, and legal practice on current topics at the interface between law and technology.