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Myriam Lecito | EBS Master´s student

Studying in a foreign country is, above all, exciting. Many new impressions, foreign cultures and new people await you. Of course, you often have a lot of thoughts and questions beforehand.


Miriam comes from southern Italy and the beautiful town of Pulia. She is studying for a Master in Marketing at EBS. What she learnt about Germany: Yes, Germans are very structured and punctual, but not Deutsche Bahn.

Read here what brought her to a German university and how she experiences her time at EBS Universität.

11 questions we asked Myriam about her study experience at EBS Universität

I wanted to challenge myself more and go for studies in a foreign country. I chose EBS because among all of the European universities, it has the MSc in Marketing which goes deeply into every field of marketing, and it offers very interesting marketing courses and experiences.

I was worried about finding a flat, which I found very difficult. But I was looking forward to learning another language. I am currently studying German, and I was looking forward to meeting lots of international students and to going and visiting new places around Germany. 

That German people are very strict and rule-followers, and they are always on time. The first two clichés have been confirmed so far, but the third one has not been true after experiencing so many train delays with the DB German railway.


By studying history in high school, I always had the feeling that German people could be very strict. At EBS, it is essential to be respectful of other students, and diversity is important. You always have to be on time for class participation and deadlines for projects. But this is something essential for me because by learning this, you can grow in a good way.

The first impression was very good; these huge buildings surrounded by a vineyard – it was a great first impression. I immediately made connections with international students like from India and China, and it is very nice to experience how we are learning from each culture.  

My first day at university was a little bit scary, as I did not know anyone in the classes and so was worried about staying alone, but that did not happen. What has changed compared to today is that now I have friends and go around the campus saying hi to every friend that I meet, which is very nice. 

I think they are both similar in terms of international students studying there and in terms of the good preparation of the professors. Probably the differences are that at EBS, there is no gym or any sports activities and not very many events organised by students.


In my free time, I usually go to the vinegars with my EBS mates, and we enjoy drinking wine from the region, which is one of the best wines that I have tried. My friends and I loved to have long walks through the river, especially now that the temperature is getting better. At the weekends, we usually try new food places around Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Mainz.

A first challenge was studying in English. I never studied in English because I did my bachelor’s degree in Italian, so it was quite different starting a master’s degree programme all in English.


However, I was able to improve my English a lot by following the classes and interacting during classes with the professors and my classmates. The professors are very well prepared with the language and they explain everything in a very comprehensive way. Of course, something very important is communication with other people in English, and since at EBS there are a lot of international students, it is very easy to find somebody to talk with.

I live in Oestrich-Winkel, and in my free time I go to the gym. But there is not that much to do in the area, so I usually meet some friends in Wiesbaden or Frankfurt.  

I would recommend EBS to my friends because I think that EBS has very valid courses and well-prepared professors. But I would not recommend living in Oestrich-Winkel; maybe living in cities like Mainz or Wiesbaden or even Frankfurt would be a better idea.  

It has influenced the fact that I would love to have some work experience in Germany, as I think that German companies are very well structured.  

After my studies, I would like to have some work experience in Germany and then go back to Italy.  


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