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Chair of Constitutional, Administrative and European Law, New Technologies Law and the History of Law

Max Mustermann

Public law governs the relationship between the state and individuals. For instance, when a company intends to set up a new wind power plant, administrative law will apply. Public law, however, also governs the activities of the government and its agencies. Constitutional law defines which government agencies there are, which powers they have and how, for instance, they make laws that set out the requirements for establishing a company. International law is a level above and governs the relationship between nations, for example within the UNO. Finally, in a coalescent Europe European Union law plays a particularly important role. It determines, for instance, whether a cross-border merger of two companies is permissible and what requirements there are for a German company wishing to set up a subsidiary in France.


In its teaching and research activities the Chair is concerned with the different levels of public law. Core research areas currently include German, European and international public business law, internet law, new technologies and media law.

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